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Rich Rodriguez, commonly known by his stage name BEY, is an American social media influencer who grew up in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey. His LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is based out of New York City, New York.[1] He first experienced success when deciding he had to choose a niche to master. Out of this, he became an Instagram Guru, growing follower counts and engagement rates for various accounts that didn't have the mainstream aesthetic of typical pages. [2] He provides an outlet for uncharacteristic people to not only spread their individuality but use it to become proprietors.

Early Life

Rich Rodriguez always prided himself as an untraditional kid[3] and used social media as an outlet for his quirkiness. He was quick to put his nose to the grindstone and began curating Snapchat memes at a young age.[3] The early workings of the BEY Media corporation were enveloped with the creation of the B3Y Instagram page in 2015. [2]


Rich Rodriguez reached peak Snapchat success, receiving payment to be a consistent poster and influencer.[1] He created the Instagram account, hoodclipsfam [4] as a subsidiary to his major account, B3Y. [2]

BEY used their social media success to create and open an LLC, BEY agency, to help grow social media pages.[5]

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