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The BestDrive service network operator is ContiTrade Services s.r.o., which is wholly owned by the parent company Continental Barum ​ s ro and is part of the Continental AG ​ multinational concern. [1] [2]

BestDrive is a modern and dynamic brand of service concept that provides motorists with mobility and road safety.

BestDrive is the largest network of tire service and car repair shops and the largest tire retailer in the Czech Republic ​ The operator of this network is ContiTrade Services s., Which is wholly owned by Continental Barum Ltd. Its own BestDrive network consists of 66 branches of its own but also nearly 100 franchise stores and service centers. Comprehensive offer of goods and services can be enjoyed by customers preferring online ordering from the comfort of home. As the largest provider of comprehensive services to motorists, BestDrive is trying to meet the expectations of its customers in the spirit of the corporate motto: You drive, we care.

The history of the BestDrive service network in the Czech Republic ​ began to be written in 2009. At that time Barum Centrum, Prague and Pneubox networked shops and service centers united under the brand BestDrive. The network has been linked to the original Barum name over the original yellow-yellow color. There was also the second - more pragmatic reason for this color. The complete, one-color, re-coloring of the entire network of 170 branches into black and yellow colors typical of Continental is very costly.

2013 marks the first Continental pilot of BestDrive. The aim of the reconstruction in České Budějovice was mainly to increase service capacities. So to meet the needs of the regional city.

Brand portfolio

At the BestDrive service network, we offer our customers a wide portfolio of branded passenger tires, headed by Continental's premium safety and performance brand, Uniroyal with excellent wet features, a typical Semperit brand, the traditional Czech brand Barum or the traditional Slovak brand Matador. The BestDrive customer will also find Goodyear ​ and Michelin premium brands. In addition, we also offer other brands of tires such as Dunlop ​, Pirelli ​, Bridgestone ​, Nokian and others.

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