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Benedict Chan is a blockchain engineer based in Sunnyvale, California ​. [3] ​ He is the Chief Technology Officer ​ at BitGo ​ and is the creator of Etherli, the first multi-sig web wallet for Ethereum ​. [2]

Early Life and Education

Chan is originally from Singapore ​. [2] ​ He attended the University of New South Wales ​ where he studied Computer Science, Networking and Quality of Service. [5] ​ During his studies, Chan received a medal in Computer Science. [5] ​ He graduated in 2009. [5]


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Early in his career, Chan was a DevOps Engineer at Vr-Zone, a Product Manager at Zopim Communications, and the Head of Quantitative Strategies at the Manticore Investment Group. [5] ​ He was the first full-time employee at Zopim and worked on both system architecture and actual development over a wide variety of languages, including Python, PHP ​ and Node.js ​. [5]

In 2010, Chan became a Software Development Engineer II at Microsoft ​ and three years later became a Platform Developer at Sendhub ​. [5]

Chan has been a Partner at Fragnetics which which specializes in engineering, application development, network management, and public relations. [5] ​ Chan is involved in the company's strategic direction. [5] ​ He developed daemons and modifications to remotely manage game servers. [5] ​ In addition, Chan worked with channel partners to secure content distribution (e.g. first Steam server in Southeast Asia). [5]

Blockchain Activities

Chan has been interested in blockchain ​ technology since 2012. [5] ​ In 2014, he became CTO at BitGo ​ which aims to make digital currencies such as Bitcoin usable for businesses and the world. [5] [3] ​ During his tenure, BitGo has developed APIs and SDKs used behind many successful multi-signature wallet implementations in exchanges and cryptocurrency payment processors. [5] ​ Chan has developed a few working side projects. [5] ​ He created, the first multi-signature web wallet for Ethereum, and ZeroClick, the first implementation of Bitcoin machine to machine payments over HTTP. [5] Chan is an Advisor to WeTrust, PopChest, and Indorse. [3]

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