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Behavioral Signals offers OliverAPI, the fastest evolving robust emotion AI engine. Words alone don’t always tell the whole story. To truly understand we need to reach beyond the verbal. They leverage huge amounts of voice-data and deep learning to build the best-of-breed emotion and behavior understanding engine. Their technology allows developers and engineers to build emotionally intelligent virtual assistants, gain customer and agent emotional insights from enterprise voice data. OliverAPI directly benefits developers to measure emotions and behaviors in conversations and allows them to utilize this evolving robust analytics in their own applications.[1]

Their office is located in Los Angeles, California. Their C-Suite includes CEO, Rana Gujral, CTO/Co-Founder Alex Potamianos and Chief Scientist/Co-Founder Shri Narayanan.

Their award-winning emotion recognition technology can now be fully integrated with any voice-based Twilio application. It can give unique insights into the conversations or messages - is the speaker happy, angry, or confused? In just a matter of a few lines of code, your Twilio app can become emotionally intelligent.[2]


Behavioral Signals bridges the communication gap between humans and machines by introducing Emotional Intelligence, from speech, into conversations with artificial intelligence. They have created the fastest evolving and most robust emotion AI, enabling everyone to add emotion and behavioral recognition to their own software solutions, through the Oliver API. Whether it's for a virtual assistant on a mobile phone, on the web, in a car, on a smart speaker, or for a social robot, an interactive child’s toy, a robotic carer, companies, developers or DIY enthusiasts can now design and build engaging interactions which can seamlessly benefit from our internationally acclaimed speech emotion recognition technology. Their production-level Oliver API, offers a rich variety of emotional and behavioral metrics and allows both real-time and batch audio processing, and can readily support heavy-duty applications.[1]


Driven by a passion to bring their ground-breaking patented speech-to-emotion and speech-to-behaviors technologies to market, CTO, Alex Potamianos and Chief Scientist, Shri Narayanan founded Behavioral Signals in 2016.

With the goal of enhancing and forever changing the world of business, technology is at the core of what they do. Their algorithms analyze human emotions and behaviors, transform data into usable information, and lead to making better business decisions and increasing profits.

Until now, human emotion has been considered impossible to quantify, and impossible to measure. With their patented analytics engine, they use science to measure and interpret the “how” part of human interactions.[1]

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