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Gennaro Bailo, better known as Bailo, is an electronic music producer and DJ from Howard Beach, Queens. [3] His music can be categorized as a mixture of trap, dubstep, and different variations of bass music. [11] Bailo has received support from Excision, Riot Ten , Herobust, 4B, Kennedy Jones, Milk N Cooks, Adventure Club, and Borgore. [12] He has released music on labels such as Buygore and Barong Family. [11]


Bailo playing at Stereo Live in Houston

Bailo was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. He spent much of his childhood around his grandfather who was a notable Italian singer. At the age of 7, Bailo started singing himself and later auditioned for shows such as American Idol, The X Factor, and The Voice. Over time, his interest shifted from singing to producing. He would make numerous mixtapes for up and coming artists including his own mixtape titled "No Sleep." When he was 21, he was introduced to EDM, specifically trap, and his music production in that direction. [12]

Bailo's first major release was on Buygore records in 2015 for the song "Clique." In addition, his first EP Versace was released in the summer of 2016. [3] Bailo has multiple SoundCloud accounts, including his primary one, [3] Bailo Treatz for his remixes, [4] and his Bailo Treatment mix series. [11] He has since moved all his Bailo Treatment mixes to his primary Soundcloud account. In 2017, Bailo released The Cure EP and in 2018 he released The Relapse EP. [3]

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