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Atidium (ticker symbol: ATD) is a cryptocurrency. The development team is located in Portugal. Atidium is a payment & budget management decentralized application for individuals and businesses operating on the EOS blockchain. [3]

How Does Atidium Works

The Atidium DApp (Decentralized App) ​ will allow to use ATD tokens as a way of keeping track of your future expenses, improving your budget status by sharing daily tips from other users in the network, sending ATD tokens from wallet to wallet and allowing to set rules on a token by setting its color, these are steps to show how Atidium DApp works.

  1. Deposit ATD in the Atidium DApp
  2. You can split and paint your ATD tokens and decide how to use them.
  3. Pay with ATD, in any business around the world, in five different ways.
  4. You can send it to a recipient and decide how and when they will use it!
  5. Manage your budget easily and track your expenses and payments. [3]

ATD Features

AI Budget Management Advisor - The app will be able to learn and advise you how to manage and improve your day-to-day financial behavior by gathering info from other users and their budgeting habits. Also businesses will be able to learn from other businesses who share the same idea. [5] ​ The AI Budget Management Advisor can be configured with Push Notifications to give the user real-time tips and alerts, like upcoming bills, excess budget, exceeded budget and others. [3]

Financial Education - You can use the DApp to teach your children when you use Atidium's smart contracts and reward them when they complete a mission. [3]

Shared Wallet - You can create a shared wallet and manage a shared budget. [3]

Allowance - If you manage a business, or if you are a parent you will have full control of your allowances. [3]

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