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Ata Moharreri was born in Rolla, MO. His mother emigrated from Minsk, Belarus and his father was born in Tehran, Iran [1] . He writes poetry, non-fiction, and fiction.

Ata was managing editor for The Massachusetts Review from 2012-2015[2] . He has been a highly rated English professor since 2006[3][4] [5] . He has taught writing courses at the following schools:

  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Holyoke Community College
  • California State University at Northridge
  • University of Redlands
  • College of the Canyons

He also worked for the Trans Asia Photography review at Hampshire College (2014).

In 2018, Ata moderated a panel about the American writer Frank Stanford in Fayetteville, AR[6] . Foundlings Press published one of Ata's biographical writings on Stanford[7] . Some of his writings on Stanford and other American poets appear on's site[8] . He interviewed Father Furhmann, aka Leenus Orth, who was considered Frank Stanford's closest mentor[9] .

Factory Hollow Press published a chap book of Ata's poetry in 2013[11] . He was mentored by the late American poets James Tate and Franz Wright.

Wildwood Thrashers cover

Ata wrestled under coach Terry Brands at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and was a cofounder at, which has since gone into hibernation[17] .

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