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Ason is a Swedish rock pop and "Wohlfühlpop" band composed of four sisters: Pearl Andersson, Lilianna Andersson, Joella Andersson, and Mickelina Andersson. [1] The sisters have recorded, played live shows, and been a part of song contests as a collective. [2] Their father acts as their manager and mentor in areas related to their craft as musicians. [3]

GIF from the music video for the song, "Hey You".


Having grown up in the same household all their lives to parents who are also devoted musicians, the sisters would soon hone their skills to collaborate on a sound that would become Ason. [4] [5] Though the sisters play similar instruments, they often switch duties around guitar and bass, with Pearl Andersson ultimately becoming the band's drummer. [6]

Youtube Video
ASON Learning To Love.

The sisters' parents are both musicians who encouraged their daughters to explore their musical talents and have supported them ever since. Being musicians and in charge of Ason is in a way a family business. [7]


Ason have released their music on social media on platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. [8] [9] In 2016, they released their first self-titled EP. [10]

GIF of Ason performing "Learn To to Love".

Ason EP

Released in 2016, Ason's first EP are a group of songs that sisters worked on over the years.

Timo Dorsch (drummer and part of the creative department in the group GLEIS 8) also sat in the studio and produced some of the songs. [11]

The songs captured their earlier style of songwriting as well as their Wohlfühlpop sound. The EP was released on Ray Corder records. [12]

Tracklisting: "Rollercoaster"

"When You Push Comes To Shove"

"Hey You"

"Are You Happy Now"

"Rock Paper Scissors" [13]

Youtube Video


ASON have opened for artists such MILOW, who chose them for the opening act of his concerts. Other appearances were at the Ludwigshafener Stadtfest as opening act for Lena Meyer-Landruth, and in Wiesbaden as support for Chris Thompson / Matt Simons and at various other festivals (including "Last Songs" in Berlin). [14]


In 2014, they were voted the best newcomer at the Women of the World Festival. In 2015, they finished 2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest Wildcard Concert with their song "Hey You". [15] Out of nearly 1300 applicants, they were chosen alongside nine others. [16]

A special feature was that the then 12-year-old Mickelina due to the minimum age for ESC participants (it is 16 years) was projected on the performance of ASON only by video on the stage. The quartet prevailed by then against more than 1,300 applicants. [17]

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