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Arno Michaelis is an American Motivational speaker and Educator who shares his experiences as being a former White supremacist. [1]


Early Life

Born and raised in the state of Wisconsin, he grew up in the city of Milwaukee. He grew up in a family household who faced alcohol addiction and influenced Arno to do the same. [2]

Growing up, he was fascinated with the idea of being a warrior. He learned to read at a really young age and he would sit at the library poring over books of Greeks and Norse mythology. [3] He gravitated to the stories about monsters and violence. By the time he was in middle school, he played Dungeons and Dragons and fancied himself as an unstoppable fighter who made his own rules. He was also fascinated by Art that depicted violence, especially that of Vikings. [4]

Neonazism & Northern Hammerskins

At the age of 16 years old, he began to drink heavily and he became an alcoholic. He used the adrenaline of alcohol to drive him towards becoming a full-fledge Neonazi. His path to White nationalism, besides the negative experiences in his household, was formulated around hate. He hated the town that he was from; he hated his teachers and fellow students; and also hated the police. As teenager listening to punk music, he also discovered Skinhead music and its style of punk. He then decided to sport the swastika as that was something that attracted more hate. He became a participant in white nationalist circles. [5]

He went on to form Northern Hammerskins, a Skinhead organization that eventually become one of the biggest in the world throughout the 1990s. They are known as Hammerskin Nation. For the next 7 years of his life, he would go on to commit atrocious criminal acts at least once a week to people of different ethnic background or minorities in the area. He was also responsible for recruiting members. [6]

The organization, along with Arno, would comb the city, looking for the “anti-racist skinheads” and beating up whoever they could find. Though they did attack people because of skin color or suspected sexual orientation, they most often attacked random white people, claiming after the fact that they were race-traitors. Aside from trips to Chicago and Minneapolis to brawl with their anti-racists, the bulk of the violence they committed was relatively spontaneous. The organization had a tendency to start assaulting each other if we didn’t go on a manhunt. [7]


While forming one of the most violent skinhead organizations in the world, he was also in a band that gained a massive audience amongst White nationalists and racists. The band is called Centurion and he was the lead singer of the band. [8]


After having his first daughter at the age of 21, he was overcome with emotion when he realized that he could not continue to live a life of hate while raising his daughter. He decided that he would first become first and foremost a father. After his wife separated, he was able to become more in tune with his emotions and developed a sense of empathy for others around him. [9]

My Life After Hate

Arno has written a book called My Life After Hate about his experiences as a White supremacist skinhead and how he turned his life around. [10]


Since the time that he decided to change his life he has become a motivational speaker for people with emotional trauma. [11]


He spends time with his daughter. He loves to pursue that arts in his own time and also enjoys playing music. He strongly believes in embracing diversity and practicing gratitude.

He is a strong supporter of all forms of fearless creative expression.

He likes to mountain climb and going swimming, along with going out to nature. [12]

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