Ari Mir

Ari Mir is a technology entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Clutter, a full-service moving and storage company which uses technology to deliver industry leading service. Mir is also well known for co-founding GumGum, the largest in-image advertising network. [1][5][10] [11]​ 


Ari Mir graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management Consulting. At USC, he was a Business Scholar. [1] [2]


Ari Mir has been the Co-founder and CEO of Clutter since 2013. Clutter is a full-service moving and storage company that uses technology to seamlessly manage the pick up, storage, and retrieval of customers items. The company has eight locations across the United States and has raised $290 million from investors including SoftBank Vision FundAtomico, GV (formerly Google Ventures), Fifth Wall Ventures, and Sequoia Capital[11]​ [5][6][7][10] Mir was previously the Co-founder and CEO of Pocket Change, a virtual currency startup funded by GV that did not find product/market fit, from 2011-2013. During this time, he was also an Advisor to 100 Layer Cake. [1] [8] From 2008-2011, Mir was the Co-founder and President of GumGum, t he world's largest in-image advertising network. [1] [9] [5] Mir was the Director of Product Development at, a lead generation platform which was acquired by Experian for $330 million, from 2007-2008. [1]

From 2005-2007, Mir was a Product Manager at Shopzilla, a comparison shoppingengine, which was acquired by Scripps for $525 million. He was re sponsible for driving the product vision of eight major e-commerce sites (across fourcountries). Mir was also responsible for Managing the BizRate product by redefining the vision and creating/executing upon a respective roadmap; multivariable tests for Shopzilla and BizRate, resulting in $32 million in projected annualized revenue. Mir assessed key performance metrics, usability analyses and examined industry trends. He used this information to develop and present business cases for product changes. He authored business requirements, product requirements, navigation flow, and use case documents. Mir managed products cross-functionally from inception to post launch analysis, collaborating with R&D, Sales, Usability, SEO, Engineering, and QA .[6] [2]

In 2006, Mir co-founded Mojungle, a mobile social network, which he later sold to PeakPSI, a software solutions company. Mir developed a fixed licensing strategy and managed press communications for Mojungle which included articles in Mashable and GigaOm. Mir built and executed the product roadmap and performed an industry analysis on the mobile space. He identified mobile media sharing as an unfulfilled consumer need and conducted a technical analysis on mobile development environments. Mir identified the strengths and weakness of BREW, Symbian, J2ME, and SMS / MMS. He also outlined product specifications for Mojungle's Flash widget, back-end SMS/MMS parser, and front-end web interface. [2]

From 2003-2005, Mir served as Publisher and Founder of EATING Magazine, an epicurean lifestyle magazine for Los Angeles, California. He managed a nine person team with editors, photographers, designers, writers and account managers. EATING Magazine reached a peak circulation of 20,000 by establishing a distribution network consisting of over 500 newsstands, supermarkets and bookstore chains. [2] Mir interned with 20th Century Fox Television from 2002 -2003. He developed profitability forecasting software for the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of 20th Century Fox Television. Mir also helped gather, document and interpret the business unit requirements for major participant backend deals and structures at Twentieth Century FOX. [2]

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