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Arcus is a financial technology company based in New York City and Mexico.[1] The company was founded in May 2013 by Edrizio De La Cruz, Inigo Rumayor Bleausteguigoitia, and Juan Jose Maldonado.[2]


Arcus builds platforms that leverage financial institutions through helping their users manage and pay all recurring services such as bills, credit cards, and subscriptions. Initially, the company intended to be a provider of cross-border bill payment method, previously known under the name "Regalii." Arcus has then evolved in 2016 to focus on bill pay data in the domestic market and has launched two new products; xData and xChange. The company currently specializes in pushing programmatic payments and card updates, as well as pulling data, all from any biller.[2]

Arcus was accepted into Y Combinator in 2013. The company has raised $7.9 million in Series A financing in 2017 and has received funding from IGNIA, Andreessen Horowitz, Kapor Capital, Winklevoss Capital, Maverick Capital, Banco Itau HOF Capital, and Y Combinator.[1] [2]

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