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APT Systems is a financial technology company that builds trading platforms and visualization solutions for mobile devices. [1] [3] [2]


APT Systems was founded in 2010 by Glenda Dowie and is publicly traded under the symbol APTY on the OTC Pink exchange. The company is currently building a new trading application called Intuitrader. They are also developing Verifundr, an escrow and payments platform and Tyrtrade, an interchange for minting and delivering Spera, a stablecoin. APT Systems' management team is always looking for strategic opportunities and has launched two subsidiaries SNAPT Games, Inc. and RCPS Management, Inc. to further facilitate new products, acquisitions and long-term goals. [2] [1]

Verifundr is primarily an escrow platform that provides full compliance with respect to AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations for financial transactions recorded on a blockchain ledger. This combination of a centralized and decentralized operation represents the cutting edge of security for cryptoasset transfers. The platform will utilize and manage its own cryptocurrency called Spera (SRA) as a US dollar pegged safe-harbor cryptoasset. Verifundr will make its own market in SRA by supporting and maintaining a $1 minimum bid on a private exchange called Tyrtrade, while allowing for and contributing to value and increasing demand for the trusted coins. This bid support, backed by trust deposits in custodial banks, will decrease price volatility experienced by most cryptocurrency. [4]

This makes Speras a safe transition asset between the traditional crypto and fiat currencies. It also allows for the transfer of digital dollars between community members worldwide and external trading partners as well as paying for Verifundr member services, such as escrow. [4]

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