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Angus Champion de Crespigny is a blockchain/cryptocurrency advocate and advisor based in New York City. He previously worked at Ernst & Young for a decade in several different roles including blockchain-focused ones .[5] In April 2019, Angus announced that he stopped working in the Bitcoin space full-time.[7]

Early Life and Education

Angus was born and raised in Australia . He attended the University of Adelaide where he studied finance and engineering (IT and telecommunications with honors), earning his bachelor's degree in 2004. He attained his Masters of Science and Technology Commercialisation from the same university in 2006.[6]


Early in his career, Angus consulted to financial institutions primarily in regulatory compliance, process transformation, cybersecurity, analytics and fraud.[3] He was an Information Security Consultant at Vectra and a Consultant at Cartesian where he worked on the software development team of the firm's flagship telecommunications revenue assurance product, Ascertain.[6] He joined Ernst & Young in 2008 as a Associate and worked his way up to in various positions.[6]

Angus first became involved in Bitcoin in 2013 as a hobby. He worked more with companies in the space in 2014 and in 2015 it became his formal position as the FSO Americas Blockchain Leader for EY. Angus left EY in August 2018 and is currently an advisor to several companies involved in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and identity infrastructure.[3] In April 2019, Angus stated on his Twitter that he stopped working in blockchain and Bitcoin, citing it as too crowded at the moment and that he predicts that mainstream adoption for institutions and developing countries will take longer than he originally thought.[7]

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