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Amber Mark is an African American R&B Recording artist [1] ​who after uploading her first song online called, “S P A C E”, ​she went on to be noticed by DJs such as Zane Lowe ​. [2] ​ The song went to be downloaded and heard hundreds of thousands of times through iTunes ​ and Spotify ​. [3]

Amber Mark relaxing by the pool.


Early Life

Mark was born in a farm in Tennessee ​. [4] ​ She was born to a Jamaican ​ father and German ​ mother. The family traveled and lived throughout many places in the United States ​ including: Miami ​ and New York ​. [5] [6]

The family would also move to India ​ in order to accommodate her mother's interest in Thangka painting, which is a Tibetan Buddhist ​ form of art. ​The family spent many

Photo of Amber Mark as a toddler being held by her mother.

years living in a Darjeeling Monastery until she and her mother settled in the city of Berlin ​. [7] [8]


Ever since a young age, Mark had a different style of education geared toward an upbringing where she can find her own ways of expressing herself. [9] ​ Form an early age, she takes ​inspiration for her music and personal style from a multitude of cultures. She holds India as a one of the places she holds dear in her heart. [10]

Amber Mark as a child holding the Trumpet instrument.


Singing has always been a part of Amber's life. She sang quite a lot at the Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in northern India. [11] ​ She also sang for her family during dinner in NYC. During her time in Berlin as a young girl, her mother bought her an acoustic guitar but couldn't afford the lessons so she taught herself how to play. [12] [13]



Photo of Amber Mar k taken with a background of orange hue.

Amber Mark has a distinct musical production and style. She brings in the house/techno sound of Berlin;  the hip hop and R&B influence from NYC; the trance obsession of Goa; Brazil's Bossa Nova rhythms; and Nepal with its Tibetan mantras. She and her collaborators shape the sound into a transportive, high-energy songs. [14]


Due to her mother's passing, she utilizes her passion for music to commemorate her mother. The majority of her music deals with the loss and how Amber had to deal with losing the person whom she considered to be the most important in her life. [15] [16]

Youtube Video
Amber Mark - Monsoon (Official Video) ft. Mia Mark.

Amber has also said that her childhood years spent in India has also greatly influenced the sounds she incorporates into her work. The diverse culture opened her mind and ears to a whole new world of music. [17]


“S P A C E”

Amber released her first song, “S P A C E”, which she also uploaded onto her SoundCloud ​ profile. [18] ​ The song “S P A C E”, upon its release was considered to

Youtube Video
Amber Mark - Lose My Cool.

be insistent, fresh, and classic, and within the two months since being uploaded, the song prickled all the right ears. Radio producer JJ Corsini was instantly captivated, and he nudged the song in DJ Zane Lowe ​'s direction, who in turn cued it up for his Beats 1 show. [19]

Once the song was being played by Lowe, Apple Inc ​ placed it on the iTunes homepage as part of the "Hot Tracks" section. [20] ​ The song stood shoulder to shoulder with Justin Bieber ​, Taylor Swift ​, Drake ​, Rihanna ​, Future, and several other top recording artists. The song was part of the 35 on Spotify's Global Viral Chart. [21]

"Monsoon" (Feat Mia Mark)

The next song that she would upload would be a song called "Monsoon" which features her mother, Mia Mark. The song is an ode to her mother. The single's art cover is photo of young Amber with her mother. [22] [23]

"Way Back"

Within the same time frame of her release of the song, "Monsoon", she would also release the song, "Way Back", which would later on form part of her EP album,

3:33am. [24]


In 2017, Amber Mark released her first EP record called, 3:33am. [25] [26] The album features music that she had previously recorded and released on her Soundcloud. The EP was released through Jasmine Music and PMR under exclusive license by Virgin Records ​. [27]

She named the album 3:33am due to the premonitions the number has in her life.

Her mother was born in 1953; her brother was born in 1983; and she was born in 1993. Her mom, whom the album is dedicate to, passed away on June 3, at 10:23 pm in 2013. Since the experience of her mother passing away, she started seeing three’s everywhere. [28]

She started writing the EP in New York, and for two weeks straight she would be sitting at her computer until 8am in the morning. Any time she would get out of the zone, she would check the clock and always remember it being 3:33 a.m. [29]


Lose My Cool
Journey Into The Unknown
Moonsoon FT Mia Mark
Can You Hear Me?
Way Back [30]

Personal Life

At the tender age of 4 years-old, her mother was able to get concert passes for the Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour ​. [31] ​ When they attended, they were told that they are not allowed to go to the seating area because Amber was too young at the time. A man at a merchandise table generously gave Amber and her mother "All Access" passes as long as they don't go backstage. [32] ​ They ended up seeing the concert from the VIP area, and stood next to Boris Becker ​. Amber remembers crying after the concert was over. [33]

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