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Al's Place is a Michelin-starred restaurant located in San Francisco. [1]


Al's Place was opened in 2015 by chef-owner, Aaron London. It is meant to be a sort of reverse-steakhouse where vegetables are the main focus and meats are side dishes. A fitting concept, since London had just come off of working as executive chef at Ubuntu, the first vegetarian restaurant to earn a Michelin star in America. [2] [3]

Al's Place takes pride in the quality of their vegetables which are sourced from Blue Dane Garden, a short two hour drive away from the restaurant. All produce is delivered still potted in soil, and kept as such in the restaurant basement grow area until right before every service. Everything tastes as if it's fresh out of the garden. [1]

Chef London enjoys making simple meals a little more complex. For example, the french fries are brined for 96 hours in 68-degree water that has been inoculated with salt and cabbage leaves to accelerate fermentation. They’re then fried for about five minutes at 325 degrees in rice bran oil. And the order finally comes in, they are fried again at 375 degrees for exactly one minute. [4]

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