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Alpha Token (ATK) is a blockchain currency based on the value of digitalized content. It provides a safe and efficient abstract general equivalent to measure the monetary value of all forms of digitalized content, and realizes the economic value conversion of the entire intellectual property realm. ATK makes it possible for all content trade participants (including producers, consumers, advertisers, distributors and etc.) to achieve complete, effective, efficient and fair value quantification and trade, then enforces the distribution automatically by smart contract. [5]

Alpha Token (ATK) is a cryptocurrency for digital content creators, consumers, and advertisers. Using Alpha Browser enables users to generate Alpha Tokens. [7]


Alpha Token ​ is the name for the currency as defined in their whitepaper [8] that was first published in August of 2017. Alpha Token is the pillar of the Alpha ecosystem, and extends the Alpha name to the product line of Alpha Browser, Alpha Wallet [6] , Alpha Publisher, and the underlying economic principal of Alpha Law. The whitepaper [3] frequently uses the abbreviation ATK to denote Alpha Tokens. ATK is also the ticker abbreviation that is used in all the market listings for the currency. [11]


Alpha Token was first conceptualized by Dr. Wallace Lynch ​ at the end of 2016. Dr. Lynch, originally from China, obtained his Ph.D. from Columbia University ​ in New York City ​ in Labor Economics . Deriving from his doctoral research, Dr Lynch wrote Family Socioeconomic Status, College Education and Earning in China: How Family Background Impacts your Future Income [14]

It was his work on this particular book that sparked the idea behind creating Alpha Token ​. He discovered that there was a significant amount of human capital evaporating from the global economy. [15]

To resolve this value evaporation problem, Dr. Lynch built the Alpha Ecosystem on the principal of Alpha Law. The Alpha Law states that, "A blockchain currency entity issuing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ​ can avoid profiteering and derive profitability from the value appreciation of the token, allowing the entity to focus entirely on the user experience". [8]


Alpha Token is using blockchain technology to change the rules of the internet as featured in the Washington Post piece, Reinventing the Internet via blockchain. [16]

Alpha Token's is a Blockchain Smart contract ​ technology developed on Ethereum ​.

A Token Called ATK

ATK is what Alpha Tokens are referred to frequently in their whitepaper [8] . Additionally, it is the coin's designation on any exchanges such as the exchange that it is listed on. This is similar to the shortening of Ethereum ​ to ETH.

Owning ATK

Like other Cryptocurrencies ​, Alpha Token can be owned and stored. Alpha Token created their own wallet specifically for this purpose. Like other cryptocurrencies, users purchase and hold (or HODL ​) the token.

Relationship To Ethereum

Through the use of Sidechain ​ technology, Alpha Token's ATK platform has extended the functionality of Ethereum ​ and achieved the verification of statistics of user behavior in the side chain , as well as the transfer of assets. Side-chain also supports Smart contracts ​ and uses Alpha Tokens as the trading currency within the Alpha ecosystem.

Token Allocation

The Alpha Token initial distribution [3] is set up as follows:

Pre-sale + ICO 30% = 1.2 billion units of ATK

The Team Reserve 30% = 1.2 billion units of ATK

Stabilization Incentive Reserve 10% = 400 million units of ATK

Lynch Award Foundation 10% = 400 million units of ATK

Technology Company Operation Cost 20% = 800 million units of ATK


Alpha Token currents works within three components that utilize the token. [3]

Alpha Publisher

The Alpha Publisher allows for content creators to publish their works into the Alpha Browser system. These works are primarily videos or articles. The publisher itself allows for the content creator to set their content as either promoted or paid. This means that users are either paying to view the content, or being paid to view the content. Unlike other content publishing platforms, the Alpha Publisher allows for the owner to set their own price in Alpha Tokens.

Alpha Browser

The Alpha Browser is the means by which users access all of the content within the Alpha Token ecosystem. The browser clearly identifies, for the user, which content they are paid to view, and which content requires spending Alpha Tokens.

The primary premise of the entire system is that a user's attention has value. For this reason, when watching or viewing a piece of content that the user must pay Alpha Tokens for, users only pay for the amount that they view. The same is true for advertisers choosing to spend on the platform, spending only on the amount of time their advertisements are viewed.

Alpha Wallet

The Alpha Wallet is an integrated cold wallet with the browser and the publisher. It can host ATK and other Ethereum ​ and non-Ethereum based tokens.


The Alpha Browser uses the distributed anonymous questionnaire system. This allows the browser to "capture statistics of the user's attention and remove fraud while avoiding wasting attention of individuals by content publishers and advertisers. While protecting user privacy, it provides the advertisers and content publishers the real user behavior data, the transmission and verification of attention are achieved through the ATK chain." [8]

Smart Contracts

Alpha Browser and the exchange of Alpha Tokens function on Smart contracts ​. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts ​ allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are traceable and irreversible.

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