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Allison Bray (born on October 17, 1983) is a mother residing in West Boca Raton, Florida ​ in Palm Beach County, Florida ​. In July 2018 she was charged with child neglect ​ after her toddler ​ ingested cocaine ​ in May 2018. [5] [2] [4] [6]

Allison Bray's Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office inmate record [7]

On Sunday, July 8, 2018 Allison Bray was charged with child neglect after her 2-year-old child ingested cocaine. [5] [4]

The investigation started when the 2-year-old started acting unusual. The child was having trouble walking and falling over several times, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office ​ police report. [4]

A visit to the emergency room ​ at West Boca Medical Center on May 22, 2018  later revealed the child ingested cocaine and other dangerous substances. [4] [2]

“It breaks my heart,” former educator Carol Raphan said. Raphan lives two doors down from where the child and her mother, Allison Bray, live. "I’m shocked," she said. "The kids are always being played with and wheeled around waving and happy. I can’t believe it and I don’t want to believe it,” Ramphan said. [5]

Bray told investigators she injected cocaine in a bathroom while her kids were in the house, then flushed the bag down the toilet. [5]

The police report states that Bray claims her relapse sparked after an argument between her and someone else inside the house, who ransacked her bedroom. Bray said shortly after, her syringe went missing and her prescription pills ​were scattered on the floor of her bedroom. [5]

Someone later saw one of the toddlers playing with a pill bottle and loose pills, according to the police report. Less than 24 hours later, the 2-year-old was having trouble walking and was falling over. [5]

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue ​ transported the child to a hospital, where the toddler tested positive for cocaine, Benadryl ​ and Klonopin ​, an anti-anxiety drug ​. [5]

Raphan said despite the accusations against Bray, she believes the triplets ​ are in good care because they also live with their father and grandparents. “I just pray to God ​ she gets the help she needs and the child is OK and they can reconnect as a family,” she said. [5]

The Florida Department of Children and Families ​ said the child is with family. [5]

Allison Bray was previously arrested for possession of cocaine in 2013. She was convicted ​ and spent 10 days in jail ​. [5]

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