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All_ebt is a smart wallet for food stamps. It allows people on food stamps to participate in the digital economy.

Globally, over a Billion+ people are without access to food. In the US 22% of the population is on Food Stamps and they cannot shop online. We are opening up the digital economy to the next billion consumers starting with the marginalized masses here in the US.

All_ebt was founded by Eli Calderón Morin as part of a larger vision of how technology can empower traditionally marginalized communities and help them democratize financial services. Making access to digital services a right for all global citizens and not just a privilege for the affluent.

All_ebt is based in Los Angeles, CA. They are a Cryptostrapped startup with support from [5] , LACI [6] , Tech Futures Group, and Bixel Exchange [7] .

They are startup finalist in the VISA Everywhere Initiative [3] and RedBull Amipiko Academy [4] .

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