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[1] ​Alisha Rai , Born on January 5, 1996 is a Nepalese actress and model. Her popularity skyrocketed when her item dance in movie “Loot 2” was released on YouTube. She became popular form her dance performance in Nepalese movie Loot 2 item dance titled “Thamel Bazaar” went viral in the social media.

She had also acted in leading role of Rai language movie titled “Binayo” before the Loot 2. In addition to acting in movies, Alisha has also appeared in a number of music videos and different short comedy videos.

Alisha Rai Nature

She is emotional girl and trust people easily which hasn’t always been fruitful to her. She is the only child for her parents and has been raised with love and even confess that her parents pamper her. She has non forgiving nature and does not forget easily. She never forgets to carry her necklace of lord Ganesh. She has had it with her since she was 15 and was gifted by her mother. She feels good when she puts it on and it gives her a sense of energy and positive feeling. She says the feeling comes with the faith in God. She believes in the existence of higher power.

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