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Photo of Aline Marie Massel wearing at the Miss International 2011 ​ pageant after winning Miss International Germany

Aline Marie Massel is a model, actress ​, and former beauty pageant queen ​ based out of New York City ​. She is well known for winning the Miss International Germany ​ pageant in 2011. In December, 2017 she made headlines after suing her ex-boyfriend, fund manager Robert Charles Gibbins for $15 million after he gave her HPV and pressured her into an abortion. [2] [4]

Early Life

Aline Marie Massel was born in Hamburg, Germany ​ and moved to the United States ​ ​in her teenage years. She graduated with honors from a high school in Bridgewater, New York ​ at the age of 16. [2]


Aline Marie Massel has a Bachelor of Science ​ in Business Administration ​ and International Relations ​. She also trained at the Lee Strasberg Institute ​ and the Stella Adler Studio of Acting ​ in New York City ​. [2]

Aline Marie Massel has also trained in fencing ​, gymnastics ​, and dance ​. She is fluent in English and German. She has intermediate fluency in Spanish and Italian. [2]


Youtube Video
Tesla - Silence advertisement featuring Aline Massel

Before attending university, Aline Marie Massel worked as a flight attendant ​. After graduation,  she started working Citigroup ​'s headquarters in New York City ​. [2]

Aline Marie Massel is currently represented by ACM Talent in her acting and modelling. She has acted in an advertisement for Tesla, Inc. [2]

In 2011, Aline Marie Massel won the Miss International Germany ​ pageant hosted in Munich, Germany ​. [2] [3]

Aline Marie has worked with acting and beauty pageant organizations including the Amy Winehouse Foundation (AWF)​, the International Culture Association (ICA), the World Beauty Organization (WBO), and the Miss Germany Organisation (MGO), after receiving the title of Miss  International Germany. [2]


Photo of Aline Marie Massel and Robert Charles Gibbins during winter [4]

In December, 2017 Aline Marie Massel sued her ex-boyfriend Robert Charles Gibbins ​, the CIO of Autonomy Capital, for $15 million after he allegedly gave her HPV and pressured her to have an abortion. [3]

Alina Marie Massel met Robert Charles Gibbins while dining at Le Bilboquet in Manhattan ​in June 2014, according to her lawsuit ​. Gibbins told Massel he was unmarried and said he wanted to have four children with her, the suit says despite already being married with children. [4]

Alina Marie Massel said, “He promised to buy a large estate for them in Canada called the Royal Antler . . . and an ostrich farm ​ in Uganda ​,” according to court papers." [4]

Photo of Aline Marie Massel and Robert Charles Gibbins

The couple soon became more serious with Gibbins taking Massel to the World Cup in Brazil, Japanese massages in Midtown Manhattan ​ and giving her luxury gifts including a Faberge ​ purse, her suit says. [4]

A few weeks into their relationship, Alina Marie Massel discovered Gibbins was married when Gibbins' wife texted her, “You are not the first and will not be the last,’’ court papers allege. Massel says in the lawsuit that she continued their relationship because Gibbins told her he planned to divorce his wife. [4]

Gibbins also insisted on having unprotected sex ​ with Massel without a condom ​ and gave her HPV, according to court documents. [4]

Massel “felt deceived and upset with [Gibbins] as he had been her only intimate partner since her last health screening and he did not disclose his sexually transmitted disease ​ to her,” the $15 million suit says. [4]

After the incident, the two continued to see each other, with Gibbins taking a helicopter ​ to Italy ​ to meet her for lunch in the spring of 2015, and paying for her Manhattan apartment, the suit says. [4]

Massel got pregnant in July and Gibbins pushed her to get an abortion, the papers state. He told her “he would not be there for her in any respect if she chose to keep the baby,” while his lawyer offered her money to have an abortion and warned “how difficult it would be to raise a child alone,” the suit says. [4]

Gibbins’ wife sneered in a text, “Have the baby if you want it so much. I cannot wait to see you getting fat and ugly,“ according to court papers. The wife also left an “ominous voicemail” telling “her young son to ‘Speak to daddy’s girlfriend,’ ” the suit says. [4]

Massel got an abortion a few months later, after someone started following her around Germany, according to her suit filed by lawyer Edward Hayes. [4]

She believes that Gibbins hired a private detective ​ to trail her because he was concerned she would blab about his business dealings, which include his failed effort to buy a Ukrainian bank that was a “location for money laundering,” the suit says. [4]

Massel says she grew so depressed after the ordeal that her modeling agency dropped her and she started seeing a psychiatrist ​. [4]

A representative for Gibbins said, “These baseless allegations are without merit, and Mr. Gibbins will defend himself vigorously.” [4]

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