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Alex VanNess is a foreign policy ​ expert specializing in United States foreign policy in the Middle East. He is currently a Fellow ​ with the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) ​. VanNess previously served as the Director of the Middle East Peace and Security Project at The Center for Security Policy ​. [2] [4] [6] ​ He has also written articles on United States foreign policy for The Hill [17] ​, Breitbart News [9] ​, and The New York Post [18] ​​ among other publications​​.​

Early Life

Alex VanNess was born in Detroit, Michigan ​ to a family of Jewish ​ heritage, however he was not raised religiously. He became more involved in the religion through discoveries around his Jewish heritage. [2]

Personal Life

Alex VanNess is a married father who resides in Baltimore, Maryland ​​. [1] ​ He is an advocate for Israel ​ and an opponent of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. VanNess is a proud of his Detroit roots and became a Co-Organizer of the Washington D.C ​ chapter of Detroit Nation as way to connect with other Detroiters in the D.C area and highlight the social, artistic and business innovations coming out of Detroit. VanNess is a supporter of the Republican Party and a member of the Baltimore City Republican Central Committee. [2]


Alex VanNess graduated with a​ Bachelor of Arts ​ degree with a dual major in Political Science ​and Peace and Conflict Studies ​ from Wayne State University ​ in Detroit, Michigan ​. VanNess concentrated his degree in Near East or Middle Eastern Studies ​ because of his interest in Israel and its neighbors. VanNess later went on to study Talmudic Law ​ at Shor Yoshuv Rabbinical College ​ in Lawrence, New York.​ [2] [4]


Alex VanNess began his carer in foreign policy and politics while serving as an Aide for Congressman Tom McClintock ​. The role entailed extensive policy ​ research and analysis, tracking legislative proceedings, floor votes, compiling talking points ​, and relaying the Congressman’s free market ​ viewpoints to his constituents via constituent correspondence, meetings, and mass mailings. [4]

Alex VanNess then spent over 5 years as the Director of the Middle East Peace and Security Project at The Center for Security Policy ​. During this time he promoted a strong US Middle East policy by providing direction and management to the staff, contractors, and fellows. He worked with congressional offices to shepherd legislation through congress, organized policy events, congressional briefings, and panel discussions. [4] [7] ​ One of the projects he successfully completed in April, 2016 was getting two banks to refuse service to the Austrian Arab Cultural Center after they sponsored Leila Khaled ​ who has a history of plane hijackings and is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) ​, which is considered by the European Union, America and Israel to be a terrorist organization ​. [2]

Currently, Alex VanNess serves as a Fellow ​ with the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) ​. As an EMET fellow, he writes articles relating to United States foreign policy ​ and serves as a foreign policy consultant to various government agencies, political campaigns, and policy makers. [4]

Alex VanNess has written extensively on issues relating to U.S. foreign policy, defense spending, economic threats to the U.S., Israel–United States relations ​ and the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism ​. His articles have appeared in publications including The American Thinker [8] ​, Breitbart News [9] ​, Arutz Sheva [29] ​, The Jewish Press [6] ​, The Washington Examiner [10] ​, The Daily Caller [11] ​, RealClearReligion [12] ​, The Washington Times [13] ​, The Jerusalem Post [14] ​​, U.S. News & World Report [15] ​, National Review [16] ​, The Hill [17] ​, and The New York Post [18] ​. VanNess has also made several appearances on One America News Network ​. [19]

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