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Aleksei Antonov is an investor, public speaker, and technology enthusiast based out of Moscow, Russia. He is the co-founder of fog computing platform SONM and an SCDE Ventures managing partner. [1] [2]


Antonov graduated from Perm State University with a Masters degree in Mathematics. [3]


Antonov started his own company, Perm Machines ltd. shortly after graduation and soon entered the world of education as the founder of the Blockchain Technology Development Assistance Foundation. He then became an advisor at Paytomat, a platform that enables local stores and online merchants to accept cryptocurrency.

Antonov went on to found Suicide Ventures, an early stage investment fund specializing in the exceptionally volatile crypto space. They provide money for budding blockchain projects and expertise for existing ones. They do everything from growth hacking, to drafting white papers, to setting up conferences and events. [2]

In 2017 Antonov founded SONM, a decentralized Fog Computing platform. The goal is simple—Aleksei wants to provide a cheaper, decentralized alternative to the Cloud Computing juggernauts who run the industry. [1] SONM stands for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining. The platform allows one to rent out their computing resources and is about 80% cheaper than cloud computing competitors. [5] To help further the platform SONM regularly holds Fog Computing challenge events where they offer hefty bounties for programmers to tackle complex problems. [6] SONM had a wildly successful $42 million dollar ICO in 2017. [4] Aleksei spoke about the origins of the company to

The concept for the project was born in 2016 after one of its co-founders, Sergei Ponomaryov, met a research scientist who specialized in testing methods for the computerized development of medicine. The analysis of new drug formulas, their chemical structure and the combination of components requires computing resources. Pharmaceutical corporations use supercomputers for these purposes. Covering the costs involved in the purchase or hire of supercomputers is only within the means of big businesses therefore small to medium-sized enterprises often do not have enough computing power. Performing calculations on personal computers takes a lot of time. Sergei came up with the idea of creating a distributed computing network with resources that could be rented. After I joined the project, we developed the idea further and thus the concept of a distributed computing network made up of user devices was born. Nobody uses personal devices to their full capacity so why not unite and use computing resources to benefit everyone? In this model, device owners from all over the world rent out the excess capacity of their equipment, and consumers rent the needed volume of computing resources. Who might be interested in paying for these resources?

Aleksei is a renowned public speaker. He has delivered speeches at the following venues: [3]

  • TechCrunch Disrupt New York, USA - September, 2018
  • BlockchainCruise, Europe - September, 2018
  • Blockchain Partner Summit, South Korea - July 2018
  • Consensus, USA - May 2018
  • Blockchain Leadership Connect, USA- May 2018
  • Internet Forum, Russia - April 2018
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin conference, Ukraine- October 2017
  • Rutech: Blockchain startups from Russia and CryptoFundraising, UK - September 2017
  • CoinAgenda, Spain - July 2017
  • IBCG Blockchain meet-up, Russia - April 2017
  • IBCG Blockchain conference, Russia - March 2017
  • London School of Economics and Political Science – March 2018
  • Oxford Cryptocurrency Society & Oxford Blockchain Society- February 2018
  • University College London - February 2018
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University - 2017

Antonov has published several pieces on Medium. [7]

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