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Alejandra Buitrago is a Colombian model ​, actress ​, and television host ​. She was born on October 9, 1987 (age 29) in Pereira, Colombia ​. She is very famous for her charisma ​ and gorgeous looks. She has hosted/acted in several television shows through Canal RCN ​ and Caracol TV ​.



Buitrago is extremely well-known for her stunning looks. After serving as a reporter in FIFA 2014 ​, Alejandra gained world-wide popularity due to her beauty. She has been ranked as one of the "hottest women of the 2014 World Cup" by several websites including COED [19] ​, Busted Coverage [20] ​, Daily News [21] ​, and more. Furthermore, she has been called "the sexiest fan of the Colombian team ​" by several different groups. [24]

Buitrago with her established long, blond hair

Height ​: 5'8" (68in/ 173cm) [22]

Body measurements: 35-26-36 [22]

Hair color: Blond

Buitrago is famous for maintaining her looks, despite being a model/television host/actress and is always seen with her long, blond hair. She has, however, admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery ​ in order to increase her bust [32] ​.



Alejandra was extremely close with her grandfather, who served as the father figure ​ in her life. He passed away in 2003.  In an interview, Alejandra stated:

" Todos los días lo tengo muy presente y todos los días hablo con él. Su muerte me marcó para siempre" (" He is present every day and every day I speak with him. His death marked me forever.") [4]


At the moment, Buitrago does not have any children and has said that children are not in her near plans.

In June 2016, many suspected that Buitrago was actually pregnant due to an Instagram ​ post (June 18, 2016) in which she was holding a small blue bow-tie ​ and had written the caption ​ "It's a boy". Her followers immediately began questioning as to whether or not she was expecting ​ and many began

congratulating her. [38]

It was finally confirmed in an interview with 'En Exclusiva' that Buitrago was not going to be a mother and that she was not planning on gaining that title in the near future. [37]

See Buitrago's "It's a boy" post here [40] ​ -


Alejandra is known as a " sport addict ​". Her time spent on 'Fuera de Lugar', a soccer television show she hosted, demonstrated to the

The TRX system

public her love for sports. Her passion became obvious to the public during FIFA 2014 ​, when she served as a reporter ​ during the event. She loves exercising using the TRX System ​ (a suspension cable-based workout) and frequently shares photos on social media ​ of her in workout clothing. [32]

Alejandra has mentioned that perfume is one of her weaknesses. In an interview she confessed:

"Son un buen regalo para mí. Por el momento, tengo alrededor de 32 en mi casa. Y me gustan los hombres que huelen rico, pero con una loción refrescante y que no sea hostigante." ("They [perfumes] are a good gift for me. Right now, I have about 32 in my house. And I like men who smell rich, but with a refreshing lotion that is not harassing.") [33]


Buitrago carried out all of her schooling in her hometown, Pereira. She originally studied Administration and Finance but, after a while, decided it was not for her.


Buitrago has never made mention of any serious health issues. In March 2017, it was learned in an interview with '15 Minutos' Magazine that she was diagnosed ​ with bronchitis ​, which separated her from her work for more than a week. [37]


Valentín Álvarez

Buitrago is currently in a relationship with Valentín Álvarez. They have been dating for more than two years.

Buitrago's interview regarding her boyfriend, Álvarez [65]

In a March 2017 interview, Buitrago attended an interview with Valentín Álvarez as the main topic.

Buitrago and her boyfriend, Álvarez, attending a friend's wedding in June 2015

The following are her responses to some questions.

Q: " ¿Cómo está tu corazón? " (" How is your heart?" )

A: “Gracias a Dios está feliz, tranquilo y muy enamorado. Llevo una relación de dos años y medio con una persona increíble, que nada tiene que ver con el medio, y con muchos planes para el futuro. Siempre soñé con una relación así. Cuando se trabaja en este medio, hay que encontrar una persona que brinde seguridad, tranquilidad y, sobre todo, que apoye lo que uno hace. Creo que lo encontré." ("Thank God it is happy, calm and very much in love. I have a relationship of two and a half years with an incredible person, who has nothing to do with the media, and with many plans for the future. I always dreamed of a relationship like that. When working in this environment, you have to find a person that provides security, tranquility and, above all, that supports what one does. I think I found it.")

Q: " ¿Qué te enamoró de Valentín?" (What did you love about Valentín?)

A: “Tenemos mucho en común. Creo que nos entendemos bien y nos complementamos. Ese es el secreto de la felicidad. Él es tranquilo, honesto, familiar, y para mí eso lo es todo. La mejor amiga es su mamá, habla todo el tiempo con ella, ama profundamente a sus sobrinos y eso habla muy bien de una persona. Más que novios somos parceros.” ("We have a lot in common. I think we understand each other well and we complement each other. That is the secret of happiness. He is calm, honest, familiar, and to me that is everything. His best friend is his mom, he talks all the time with her, she loves her nephews deeply and speaks very well of people. We are more than just boyfriend/girlfriend.")

J. Balvin

Alejandra and Balvin dated for three years. Their relationship was not blatantly obvious nor was it extremely well-known by the public as both individuals prefer to keep their private life out of the media.

There were many misconceptions regarding their break-up. Balvin was the first to reveal that he was single on Instagram ​. At this time, no one had heard of this change in relationship status from Buitrago. Finally, in an interview for 'El Lavadero', she was forced to clarify it for the public. [11]

Albeit confusing, their break-up was not one filled with ill feelings. The two both proclaimed that they broke up due to the demands of their work and also made note that there was always love in their relationship. [4] ​ In an interview with the magazine, '15 Minutos', Balvin called Buitrago "un bonito recuerdo" aka "a nice memory". [23]


Buitrago is currently practicing as a television host, actress, and model ​. Over the years, her acting abilities had become clear to both producers ​ as well as the public. Alejandra originally admitted that she had received offers for roles in soap operas ​ and television series ​, but was wanting to train and study acting before she took on such positions. [4] ​ She finally made her acting debut ​ at the end of 2016 on the television program ' Tu Voz Estéreo ​'.

Getting Started

Buitrago's modeling career began at a very young age. However, she only adopted the title of "Host" when she was in her 20s. [32] ​ Once Alejandra had determined Administration and Finance was not of interest to her, she enrolled herself in an acting workshop ​. One of her teachers in the workshop managed to convince her to appear for the casting ​ of 'Fuera de Lugar' which, to her surprise, she passed. [4] ​ Her 'Fuera de Lugar' audition ​ was her first step into the world of television.

Canal RCN (RCN Channel)

The RCN Channel was Buitrago's first employer ​ regarding her television career. She auditioned for the role of a television host for the show 'Fuera de Lugar' and was accepted.

Fuera de Lugar (Out of Place)

' Fuera de Lugar' (a Colombian sports program) was Buitrago's very first show. She joined in August 2011. In an interview with 'En las mañanas con Uno' , she stated:

" Buscaban una niña fresca, tranquila, simpática y relajada y eso fue lo que vieron en mí. A partir de ese momento, empezaron muchos retos para mí." (" They were looking for a fresh, quiet, nice and relaxed girl

Youtube Video
Camacho and Buitrago on 'Fuera de Lugar'.

and that's what they saw in me. From that moment on, many challenges started for me.")

Alejandra Buitrago became the replacement for Laura Acuña in this RCN Channel program. She co-hosted ​ the show along with Ivan Charria and Angelica Camacho (La Hinchada). [5]

Videos of Alejandra Buitrago in 'Fuera de Lugar'

El Lavadero (The Laundry) / En Exclusiva (In Exclusive)

Alejandra Buitrago served as a television host for the Colombian gossip ​ show, 'El Lavadero', a RCN TV ​ program which was later renamed to 'En Exclusiva'. She joined the program as a replacement for

Youtube Video
Buitrago on 'El Lavadero' as a guest, prior to becoming a host for the show.

Cristina Hurtado, after leaving 'Fuera de Lugar'. [17] ​ Throughout her time on the show she spoke with, and about, celebrities ​. She co-hosted the show with Rodrigo Castro and La Negra Candela.

Before becoming a permanent host for 'El Lavadero', Buitrago hosted the show twice as a favor for the director. She received a great response from the viewers and the general consensus was that her charismatic personality fit the show quite well, leading to her being offered a job. [12]

In 2014, Alejandra left 'El Lavadero' along with Rodrigo Castro. [15]

Videos of Alejandra Buitrago in 'El Lavadero'

  • Short compilation of Buitrago [16]
  • Buitrago on 'El Lavadero' as a guest, prior to becoming a host for the show [18]

Nuestra Semana, Nuestra Tele (Our Week, Our TV)

Alejandra became the host of the second season of the RCN TV program 'Nuestra Semana, Nuestra Tele'. [46] ​ When asked what she thought of the show, she stated:

"Es como un show que te saca de la cotidianidad. Vamos a tener invitados y el público va tener mucha posibilidad de interactuar con nosotros” ( "It's like a show that gets you out of everyday life. We will have

'Nuestra Semana, Nuestra Tele' poster

guests and the public will have a lot of chances to interact with us.")

She co-hosted the show along with comedian ​ Alejandro Riaño. [49] When Buitrago was asked her opinion ​ of her co-host, she responded with:

"Yo voy a tener la labor de calmarlo, porque él se sale un poco del contexto del programa con sus chistes y su irreverencia. Pero Alejo es una persona extrovertida y divertida por naturaleza y pienso que eso le va a dar un toque diferente al programa” ( "I am going to have the job of calming him down, because he strays a little from the context of the program with his jokes and his irreverence. But Alejo is an extrovert and fun person by nature and I think that will give a different touch to the program.")

Alejandra hosted the program from 2014 to 2015. In 2015, the program (which began airing ​ in 2011) was canceled due to low ratings ​. [48]

Caracol TV

Alejandra joined Caracol TV after leaving RCN TV. She is still currently employed with the company and has not voiced any plans of leaving.

Tu Voz Estéreo ​ (Your Stereo Voice)

In November 2016 it was announced that Alejandra Buitrago and Lucas Buelvas would join the cast of 'Tu Voz Estéreo'. [34] ​ They served as replacements for " Andrés" and "Sara " (played by Pedro Falla and Michelle Rouillard ​, respectively). The public's response to the change in cast was quite mixed. Fans of the newcomers were pleased while many dedicated followers of 'Tu Voz Estéreo' were angered.

When asked on her opinion regarding the change, Buitrago stated:

“Andrés y Sara se fueron a estudiar, nosotros seremos los nuevos locutores. No es la primera vez que se hace el cambio, y se hace para buscar nuevas caras. Me imagino que en cierto tiempo buscarán otras cosas y en este momento quisieron buscar a personajes más jóvenes que atraigan al público juvenil. Con Lucas, por ser de la Costa, se quiere atraer a los televidentes de esta región, y yo soy la neutra, para cautivar a las personas del interior del país. Vienen cosas muy diferentes, obviamente sin dejar la emisora, pero cambiará más el rol de los presentadores y periodistas. Vamos a salir a buscar historias, nos involucraremos con cada uno de los personajes. El formato será más juvenil y fresco" ( " Andrés and Sara went to study, we will be the new announcers. This is not the first time the change is made, and it is done to look for new faces. I imagine that at a certain time they will look for other things and at the moment they wanted to look for younger characters that attract the young audience. With Lucas, being

Buitrago's character "Laura" on 'Tu Voz Estereo'

from the Coast, you want to attract the viewers of this region, and I am neutral, to captivate people from the interior of the country. There are very different things coming, obviously not leaving the station, but will change more the role of presenters and journalists. Let's go out looking for stories, we'll get involved with each of the characters. The format will be more youthful and fresh.") [39]

Buitrago plays the role of "Laura", an optimistic ​ and down-to-earth ​ young woman who enters the radio station with a passion for investigating and reporting ​. [35]

An interview with Buitrago and Buelvas [36] ​ -

Es un secreto ​ - Plan B

Youtube Video
The YouTube video for Plan B - Es un secreto

'Es un secreto' was the first music video ​ Alejandra participated in. She appeared several times throughout the video and was the main female figure. [25]


Alejandra has been a model for more than 14 years. She has modeled for various types of clothing photo shoots but is most famous as an

A photo from Buitrago's photo shoot with GENTE magazine in Sept. 2012

lingerie model ​. She is known for carrying out quite " daring ​" photos where the majority of her skin is exposed. She has had her photos posted in several famous magazines including ' Donjuan ​' [24] ​, Imagen ​, TVyNovelas ​, [27] ​ and GENTE [30] ​.

A 'Don Juan' Magazine photo shoot starring Buitrago [64] ​ -

The Messi Incident [41]

Buitrago gained worldwide "fame" when she accidentally stated that the world-renowned Argentinian ​ soccer player, Lionel Messi ​, was Colombian.

The incident occurred during the program 'Fuera de Lugar'. Alejandra was asked to name her favorite

Youtube Video
A remix of Buitrago calling Lionel Messi Colombian

Colombian player to which she confidently responded:

“Si a mí me ponen a escoger un jugar colombiano con el que le me gusta, elijo a Lionel Messi. Si me piden que diga quién es el jugar colombiano que más me gusta, es Lionel Messi." ( "If you ask me to choose a Colombian player that I like, I choose Lionel Messi. If you ask me to say who is my favorite Colombian player, it is Lionel Messi.") [43]

Responses to the Incident

After the incident was released, the Spanish media (such as, AS, Marca, Mundo Deportivo, ​, and more) [44] ​ repeatedly echoed Buitrago's slip-up. Furthermore, the public reacted to the mistake in several different ways. Responses included:

“Nadie es perfecto pero tu eres presentadora de un programa de deportes!!!!!!” ("Nobody is perfect but you are a sports show host!!!!!!")

“Eres bella y popular, pero con mucho respeto te digo, lee mas, leer es gratis, no cuesta, aprovecha la tecnología para mejorar tus procesos académicos, un error de esos no se perdona y menos en países latinos como el nuestro, desafortunadamente siempre se ha visto a la “belleza” como sinónimo de bajos niveles académicos y vos con ese error lo ratificaste mas, no me burlare de ti por muchas razones entre otras por que tengo hijas, pero por favor ayúdate y ayuda a tu país argentina (sarcasmo).” ("You are beautiful and popular, but with a lot of respect I tell you, read more, reading is free, does not cost anything, take advantage of technology to improve your academic processes, a mistake such as that is not forgiven and less so in Latin countries like ours, unfortunately beauty has always been seen as synonymous with low academic levels and you with that error ratified it more, I do not make fun of you for many reasons among others because I have daughters, but please help yourself and help your Argentine country (sarcasm).")

“Eres la argentina mas linda de todas. ” ("You are the most beautiful Argentinean of all.")

“Solo fue un pequeño despiste a todos nos pasa en algún momento. saludos Aleja. ” ("It was just a little slip-up, it all happens to us all at some point. Greetings Aleja.)

Alejandra's Response to the Incident

At one point after the harsh criticism began, Buitrago posted on her Facebook ​ page:

"Ahora todos son perfectos..." ("Now everyone is perfect...") [44]

Buitrago did not break her silence on the incident, however, until more than three years after it had occurred. In an interview with 'En Exclusiva' she stated:

"Cuando vi ese video me reí muchísimo, porque soy la mujer más despistada del mundo. Es un lapsus que tuve en mi mente en ese momento, y eso fue muy duro cuando empecé en este negocio. Lo que me sorprende es que este video salió hace mucho tiempo y se recuperó en estos momentos. No sé quién lo hizo, pero a esa persona tengo que agradecerle porque me hizo famosa por allá en Europa. Yo siempre he dicho que yo soy presentadora, no entiendo por qué dicen que yo soy periodista. Yo no soy periodista y siempre lo he tenido claro. Cuando empecé en Fuera de Lugar no tenía mucha idea de deportes, ni de fútbol ni de presentación. Todo el mundo conoce el proceso que tuve para aprender a presentar.Me parece increíble que en un país en el que hay tanto dolor las personas estén insultando a uno por esto." ( "When I saw that video I laughed a lot, because I'm the most clueless woman in the world. It's a lapse I had in my mind at the time, and that was very hard when I started in this business. What surprises me is that this video came out a long time and it recovered in these moments. I don't know who did it, but I have to thank that person because he made me famous in Europe. I've always said that I'm a presenter, I do not understand why they say I'm a journalist. I am not a journalist and I have always been clear. When I started in Out of Place I did not have much idea of ​​sports, neither of soccer nor of presentation. Everyone knows the process I had to learn in order to present. It seems incredible that in a country where there is so much pain people are insulting someone for this.") [45]


Alejandra is fairly active on social media sites. Her Facebook ​ page is her least active site whereas her

Alejandra Buitrago's profile picture on her Instagram

Instagram ​ and Twitter ​ are constantly having new posts. She often shares images of her photo shoots.

  • Twitter: [3] ​ -
  • Official Facebook page [13] ​ -
  • Personal Facebook page [26] ​ -
  • Official Instagram page [1] ​ -

Fun Facts

  • Zodiac sign: Libra [4]
  • Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has admitted that he is a fan of Alejandra Bautrigo [33]

External Links

  • Buitrago's official Caracol TV ​ page [10] ​ -
  • Buitrago's official website [14] ​ -

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