Alan Reiner

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Alan Reiner is a Senior Software Engineer at IronNet Cybersecurity. [2] He is based in Fulton, Maryland. [1]


Reiner attend the University of Illinois at Urbana. [1] He earned a BS in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and BS in Applied Mathematics in 2006. [1] Reiner would attain a MS in Applied and Computational Mathematics from The Johns Hopkins University in 2009. [1]


Reiner was a Physicist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory from 2006-2013. [1] During the early 2010s, he got into Bitcoin mining but later realized the potential for developing Bitcoin Applications. [2] After, Reiner became the Founder and CEO of Armory Technologies. [2] There, he developed the Armory Bitcoin Client, an alternative wallet application focused on security for heavily-invested Bitcoin users and businesses. [2] It was the first Bitcoin wallet application to make “Cold Storage” (offline wallets) accessible through an intuitive user interface. [2] Since March 2016, Reiner has been a Senior Software Engineer at IronNet Cybersecurity. [1]

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