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Omar Al bashir is the seventh president of Peoples republic of Sudan in Africa from 1989- 2019. He was born in January 1st 1944. He formed the National Congress Party which under the platform he contested and won election from 1989 till April 11th 2019 when he was forced to resign as the president of Sudan. His career has been characterized by war by which he seize power through military coup in April 11 1989 and has been in power ruling Sudan with iron fist and intolerant of the opposition. In 2011 South Sudan was granted independence from Sudan republic under the watch of Omar Al bashir. He is wanted by international criminal court for gross human rights abuse during the Darfur crises.[1]

The accusation against Omar Al bashir


Killing members of the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups

Causing these groups serious bodily or mental harm.

Inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about these groups' physical destruction.

Crimes against humanity



Forcible transfer



War crimes

Attacks on civilians in Darfur

Pillaging towns and villages

His goal was always to keep a unified Sudan, but a referendum on secession for South Sudan was agreed as part of the peace deal.

In the January 2011 referendum, about 99% of South Sudanese voters were in favour of separation. The independent state of South Sudan was declared six months later.

While he agreed to let South Sudan go, his attitude to Darfur, where a conflict has raged since 2003 when rebels took up arms at alleged government discrimination, has been characterized by belligerence. But he denies international accusations that he has backed Arab Janjaweed militias accused of war crimes against the region's black African communities.

The was a sustained mass protest by the citizens of Sudan demanding for his resignation in front of the presidential palace in Khartoum the capital city of Sudan which culminated in his resignation from the office of president of Sudan.

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