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Ain Hachbai is an archaeological site in Lebanon that covers around 2,830 square meters. [1]

It is located 3km east of Shmustar at the source of a forceful spring that flows south west from a low valley towards Tell Hashbai and on down into the Beqaa Valley. The site was first mentioned by Kuschke in 1954, who found sherds from the early Bronze Age. It was visited in 1966 by Peter Wescombe and Henri de Contenson who found these sherds on either side of the valley. Some were firmly and widely patterned, similar to those found at tells in the Akkar plain foothills. Some came from platters and jars with a flat base showing burnishing and a red back slip. Few flints were found and were untypical at the site. Caves nearby were found empty and it was suspected that the site was disturbed during the construction of a nearby Roman temple. [2]

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