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adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows for the building of decentralized applications (DApps) for the digital advertising industry which was valued at $175 billion in 2017 . The protocol runs using adToken an ERC20 Token Standard based cryptocurrency. [14]


The vision for adChain is to develop an ecosystem of DApps (decentralized applications) utilizing the adChain protocol that will enable advertisers and publishers to run campaigns that leverage the power of Ethereum, while maintaining the familiar user experience of legacy tools. These DApps will drive adoption across the thousands of advertisers, publishers and technology providers, in the digital advertising ecosystem. [15]

Examples of dApps to be built on adChain include bot detection dApps, reputation score dApps, automated payment delivery dApps, DMP (data management platform) dApps and even virtuous Ad Blocker dApps. [15]

The adChain Registry

The first solution of adChain, the adChain Registry is a Token Curated Registry of domain names. It will be used as a base to provide the digital advertising industry which was valued at $172 billion in 2017 with a decentralized repository of domains accredited by adToken holders. [16] [15]

Advertisers will be able to utilize the adChain Registry as a public utility as it will help them protect their ad spend dollars against the problem of ad fraud estimated at $16.4 billion in 2017. The adChain Registry is currently in Beta on the Rinkeby Testnet. [16]

The key innovation of the adChain Registry is that it decouples the Registry owners (adToken Holders) from the CPM incentive. adToken Holders are directly incentivized to maintain the integrity of the adChain Registry by keeping it free and clear of fraudulent publishers (fake bot traffic). adToken Holders use a partial lock token weighted voting scheme derived from Colony to vote publishers in or out of the Registry based on their merits. adToken Holders do not benefit in any way from the amount of impressions served to registrants; again this decouples them from the CPM incentive. [15]

As long as the adChain Registry is kept clean of fraudulent publisher domains then it has value for advertisers. Advertisers want to spend their ad budgets with publishers that are non-fraudulent. The adChain Registry functions as the worlds first decentralized whitelist for digital advertising. If the adChain Registry is valuable to advertisers then registrants will desire to renew their listings and unlisted publishers will desire to apply for new listings. adToken Holders are incentivized to keep fraudulent publishers out of the Registry by voting judiciously to maintain this virtuous cycle. [15]


adTokens are an ERC20 Token Standard based cryptocurrency which are required to use the adChain Registry. All actions including voting, applying to the registry, and challenging a registrant in the database require adTokens. [15]

There is a fixed total supply of 1 billion adTokens.


The adChain Protocol was started by MetaXchain and ConsenSys.

The CEO of adToken and MetaXChain is Ken Brook. [3] [16]

The adToken Technical whitepaper was written by developers including Mike Goldin of ConsenSys, Ameen Soleimani the CEO of SpankChain who was at ConsenSys at the time, and James Young of MetaXchain. [18]

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