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Adam Ludwin is an American Investor ​ and known financial consultant who is the co-founder and CEO ​ of Chain, a network that aids in the building of Blockchain ​ technology. [1] [2]

Photo of Adam Ludwin that was taken as part of a Forbes article he was featured in.


Early Life

Ludwin was born and raised in the city of Irvine, California ​. [3] ​ He attended and graduated from Woodbridge High School. [4]


Ludwin is a graduate of UC Berkeley ​ where he earned his Bachelor of Science ​. He then attended Harvard Business School ​ where he earned his degree in Master of Business Administration ​. [5]


Youtube Video
Chain CEO/Co-founder Adam Ludwin : explained bitcoin to financial firms & how Chain can secure,

After graduating from UC Berkeley, Ludwin became and associate and later a leading business consultant for The Boston Consulting Group ​. During grad school he was Business Designer for company called IDEA for several months. [6] [7]

While in New York, he worked as a venture partner for RRE Ventures for four years. [8]

He is now the Co-founder and CEO ​ of Chain, a Blockchain ​ technology platform that partners with financial firms to build blockchain networks. [9] [10] [11]

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