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Meet India's first woman motivational speaker and success coach, internationally acclaimed as one of the Top Ten Life, Business and Success Coaches in Asia Pacific. Inspiration personified and moving from ordinary to extraordinary, Abha is an expert at Emotional Intelligence, committed to help people in their journey to success and is committed to walk India into emotional fitness. 'Thought is the seed to action and every action is driven by an emotion'.We can manage our actions when we manage are emotions and make our thoughts happen! Passionate about people, fascinated with people's improvement and excellence, she professes self mastery and personal leadership through the practice of Self Efficacy-'YOU have what it takes to BE what you want to be, where YOU want to be and HOW you want to be' Known as 'Asian Oprah' and the Asian Woman Motivator', she is gifted with the unique ability to get people to take action to reach their fullest potential and live in constant improvement as a way of life. An amazing woman, an ex-lawyer, a livewire speaker who is a unique blend of passion, integrity, spirituality and practical useful knowledge, humorous enough to have you in splits, Abha is the Emotional Fitness Guru of India for personal and business transformation. With her super powered vision of 'Celebrating Human Possibilities' and her commitment to personal and business excellence, she has coached number of people and businesses to step up to the next level. A highly educated and inspiring woman, who stepped up her own life in a magnanimous way, she has devoted the rest of her life to work in Asia in the field of personal and business excellence. [+]
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