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Aba a city in Abia state eastern region of Nigeria also known as Enyimba city because of its size and population. It is the commercial nerve centre of Abia state with big markets like Ariaria International Market, Aba Shopping Center (Ekeoha), Cemetery Market and New Market. It lies along the west bank of the Aba River, at the intersection of roads from Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia and Ikot Ekpene. Aba is the land of Ngwa people one of the Igbo kindred. Aba was a traditional market town for the Igbo people of the tropical rainforest before the establishment of a British military post there in 1901.[1] With the construction of the railway in 1915 from Port Harcourt (36 miles [58 km] southwest), the city became a major collecting point for agricultural produce (especially palm oil and palm kernels). By the 1930s Aba was a settled urban community, and it is now a large industrial and commercial centre. An 18.5-mile- (30-kilometre-) long pipeline from the Imo River natural-gas field provides power for Aba’s industrial estate. Textiles, pharmaceuticals, soap, plastics, cement, footware, and cosmetics are manufactured in the city, and there are also a brewery and a distillery. Aba has a school of arts and science, secondary schools, and several technical and trade institutes and privately own universities The city is noted for its handicrafts. Aba population is more than a million people mostly from all the states that makes up Igbo land. Aba is also noted for the civil revolt mostly by women in 1929 which is called Aba women riots. This was as result of the colonial government demanding women to pay tax.

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