The Yemen Eyalet ( Ottoman Turkish : ایالت یمن, Eyālet-i Yemen ‎) [3] was an eyalet (province) of the Ottoman Empire . In 1872, most of it became Yemen Vilayet after a land reform in the empire.


In 1516, the Mamluks of Egypt annexed Yemen; but in the following year, the Mamluk governor surrendered to the Ottomans, and Turkish armies subsequently overran the country. They were challenged by the Zaidi Imam , Qasim the Great (r.1597–1620), and by 1636, the Zaydi tribesmen had driven the Ottomans out of the country completely.


Governors of the eyalet in the 19th century: [2]

  • Mustafa Sabri Pasha (May 1850–March 1851)
  • Mehmed Sirri Pasha (March 1851–October 1851)
  • Bonaparta Mustafa Pasha (October 1851–May 1852)
  • Kürt Mehmed Pasha (May 1852–May 1856)
  • Babanli Ahmed Pasha (1st time) (May 1856–December 1862)
  • Musullu Ali Yaver Pasha (December 1862–August 1864)
  • Babanli Ahmed Pasha (August 1864–February 1867)
  • Tacirli Ahmed Pasha (February 1867–March 1869)
  • Halepli Ali Pasha (March 1869–May 1871)
  • Topal Bursali Mehmed Redif Pasha (May 1871–August 1871)

Administrative divisions

Sanjaks of the Eyalet in the mid-19th century:

  1. Sanjak of Mokha
  2. Sanjak of Eharish ( Abu `Arish ?)
  3. Sanjak of Massu

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