YapStone is an online payment processing platform that caters to niche industries with high-volume complex transactions such as rental, hospitality, and churches. The company has processed over $8B electronic payments via the following payment channels: credit or debit card, eCheck, phone, and text. YapStone is a PCI level one payment processor. Was listed on Forbes’ 100 List of Most Promising Companies in 2013.

The company’s name is inspired by the fiscal ingenuity of the ancient Yapese and their innovative thinking about money . YapStone is headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA but also holds offices in Santa Monica, CA and Dublin, Ireland.


The company was founded by Chairman Tom Villante and CEO Matt Golis in 1999.

In 2011, YapStone raised $50 million in venture funding from Accel Partners and Meritech Capital Partners. [2]

In 2014, YapStone processed over $10B last year and is forecast to process over $14B in 2015.


YapStone’s payment platform is a web-based and mobile payment processing service that enables processing of electronic payments. The YapStone payment platform powers payments for online marketplaces and large industry markets.