Anastasiya Pavlovna Hagen , née Hryshai ( Russian : Анастаси́я Па́вловна Хаген/Гриша́й , Ukrainian : Анастасія Павлівна Гришай/Хаген ), better known under her screen name Wiska , is a Ukrainian model and retired pornographic actress of Belarusian origin. A married mother of three, Anastasiya is the first pornographer to take refuge in the EU (namely the Czech Republic ) and apply for a political asylum due to their professional activities. [2] [3]

Early life and porn career

Anastasiya was born in Gomel but grew up in the Crimean city of Feodosia where she met her husband Oleksandr. [4] In 2003, Oleksandr was convicted and imprisoned for 8 years for a vehicle arson . The couple states that imprisonment was result of a business dispute and the reason for Anastasiya's out-of-need family-supporting porn career. [116] Anastasiya claims her first porn shooting took place in Russia in 2004, where she was paid $ 500 per week, considerable money for Ukraine at that time. [4]

Between 2004 and 2008, Anastasiya, nicknamed Wiska, starred in over 40 pornographic films, including at least one movie with Rocco Siffredi . [4] A pornographic film series named after her ( Wiska's Perversions ) was released in six DVDs from 2006 to 2008. [6]

Circa 2007, Wiska's identity was revealed in Ukraine after a family interview for one of the local tabloids , which attracted journalistic interest and launched her as a national celebrity posing for mainstream media. [114]


In 2010, Ukrainian authorities began investigating Anastasiya's family living in Feodosia on the legal grounds of child abuse (including forensic examination of her children for possible sexual assault ) and production and distribution of pornography (illegal in Ukraine since 2009). [8] The persecution was initiated by Leonid Hrach , then representing the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Verkhovna Rada . [114] [115] Anastasiya left Crimea with her family and moved to Kiev where she received support from FEMEN . [8]

Asylum seeking

In December 2012, Anastasiya and her family moved to the Czech Republic and applied for an asylum . As of August 2013, the family was denied asylum, [36] but continued to live in the Czech Republic near Prague and applied for legal residence there, [11] which they received on 2 September 2013. [12]