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Tokyo University of Science, Katsushika Campus

Tokyo University of Science (東京理科大学,Tōkyō Rika Daigaku), formerly "Science University of Tokyo" or TUS, informally Rikadai (理科大) or simply Ridai (理大) is a private research university located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.


Tokyo University of Science was founded in 1881 as The Tokyo Academy of Physics by 21 graduates of the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo (then the Imperial University). In 1883, it was renamed the Tokyo College of Science, and in 1949, it attained university status and became the Tokyo University of Science. [2] The leading character appearing in Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume's novel Botchan graduated from Tokyo University of Science. [12]

As of 2016, it is the only university that produced the Nobel Prize winner as a private university in Japan. At the Nobel Prize in the Natural Sciences field, as of 2016, it is the only university that produced prizes as a private university in Asia. [13]

Academic rankings

Global university rankings

Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked Tokyo University of Science in equal 13th place in Japan. [14]

Graduate school rankings

Eduniversal ranked Tokyo University of Science second in its rankings of "Top business school with significant international influence" in Japan. [15]

Alumni rankings

In Times Higher Education ranking of CEOs of the world's largest enterprises, it is ranked third for Japanese universities. [16]


Tokyo University of Science main campus is located in the Kagurazaka district of Shinjuku. The nearest station is Iidabashi Station.

Apart from the main campus in Shinjuku, there are other campuses around the country:



Tokyo University of Science has libraries in four different areas: Kagurazaka, Noda, Katsushika and Oshamambe.

  • Kagurazaka Library
  • Noda Library
  • Katsushika Library
  • Oshamambe Library

Museum and other facilities

Tokyo University of Science, Noda Campus

Other libraries on Tokyo University of Science campuses include:

  • Science and Technology Museum
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Seminar House
  • Training Center
  • Morito Memorial Hall

Undergraduate and graduate schools

Undergraduate schools

  • Science Division I
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Industrial Science and Technology
  • Management
  • Science Division II

Graduate schools

  • Science
  • Chemical Sciences and Technology
  • Mathematics and Science Education
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Industrial Science and Technology
  • Management
  • Biological Sciences
  • Innovation Studies
  • Global Fire Science and Technology

Professional graduate schools

  • Management of Science and Technology (MOT)
  • Master of Intellectual Property (MIP)

Special Training Course for Teachers

  • Division of Mathematics [17]

Research institutes

  • University Research Administration Center [18]
    • Planning and Management Division
    • Research Strategy Formulation Division
    • Research & Industry University Cooperation Supporting Division
    • Regional Alliance & Commercialization Promotion Division
  • Research Institute for Science and Technology [19]
    • Research Centers
      • Center for Fire Science and Technology
      • IR FEL Research Center
      • Research Center for Chirality
      • Photocatalysis International Research Center
      • Translational Research Center
      • Imaging Frontier Center
      • Water Frontier Science & Technology Research Center [20]
    • Research Divisions
      • Division of Pharmaco-creation Frontier
      • Division of Integrated Science of Oshamambe town
      • Division of Advanced Communication Researches
      • International Research Division of Interfacial Thermo-fluid Dynamics
      • Division of Nanocarbon Research
      • Division of Bio-organometallics
      • Division of Thermoelectrics for Waste Heat Recovery
      • Division of Colloid and Interface Science
      • Division of Synergetic Supramolecular Coordination Systems in Multiphase
      • Division of Advanced Urbanism and Architecture
      • Academic Detailing Database Division
      • Division of Medical-Science-Engineering Cooperation
      • Division of Mathematical Modeling and its Mathematical Analysis
      • Water Frontier Science Research Division
      • Fusion of Regenerative Medicine with DDS
      • Photovoltaic Science and Technology Research Division
      • Advanced EC Device Research Division
      • Division of Agri-biotechnology
      • Division of Things and Systems
      • Atmospheric Science Research Division
      • Division of Super Distributed Intelligent Systems
      • Brain Interdisciplinary Research Division
      • Division of Intelligent System Engineering
      • Advanced Agricultural Energy Science and Technology Research Division
    • Joint Usage / Research Center
      • Research Center for Fire Safety Science
      • Photocatalysis International Research Center
  • Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences [21]
    • Research Institute Division Groups
      • Division of Immunobiology
      • Division of Molecular Biology
      • Division of Biosignaling
      • Division of Molecular Pathology
      • Division of Development and Aging
      • Division of Experimental Animal Immunology
      • Division of Clinical Research
      • Division of Intramural Cooperation
      • Division of Extramural Cooperation
  • Research Equipment Center [22]

Academic exchange agreements overseas

As of 2016, Tokyo University of Science had academic exchange agreements with 75 overseas universities and research institutions, including those between departments and departments. [23]

Affiliated schools

The university has two affiliated four-year universities: Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi, in Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi, and Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, in Chino, Nagano. [2]

Principals, presidents, and chairmen


Concurrently appointed president of Tokyo University of Science.



  • Kotaro Honda, 1951–1953 [28]
  • Nakagoro Hirakawa, 1953-1978 [28]
  • Shigeyoshi Kittaka, 1978-1997 [28]
  • Sanjiro Sakabe, 1997-1999 [28]
  • Nobuyuki Koura, 1999-2002 [28]
  • Takeyo Tsukamoto, 2002-2012 [28]
  • Shigeru Nakane, 2012-2015 [28]
  • Kazuo Motoyama, 2015- [28]

Notable faculty

Notable alumni

Science and Technology Museum

Nobel prize laureates







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