The Murder Clinic ( Italian: La lama nel corpo ) is a 1966 Italian-French film directed by Lionello De Felice.


The film was shot in Villa Parisi in Rome. Most sources indicate producer Elio Scardamaglia as the director of the film, screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi stated that Lionello De Felice was the films real director. Gastaldi stated that De Felice left the films production near the end of shooting with only a few scenes remained.




Roberto Curti, author of Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1957-1969 described The Murder Clinic as an example of the way Italian gothic horror films would change and make way for the giallo genre in the 1970s.


Murder Clinic was released in Italy on March 17, 1966 where it was distributed by Regional. The film grossed a total of ₤96 million Italian lira on its theatrical release. In 1971, a re-release poster played off of actor William Berger own trouble with the law with a tag line of "William Berger, guilty or innocent?"

The film was released in the United States under numerours titles including Revenge of the Living Dead , which tried to promote the film as a zombie movie. The film was released on DVD by Code Red as part of "Six-Pack Volume Two" box set.


Curti described the films direction as being "nondescript" and that the many red herrings in the film were unconvincing. Curti also noted that "The film only comes alive when Françoise Prévost is on-screen." In his book Italian Horror Film Directors , Louis Paul described the film as a "handsomely crafted gothic thriller."