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The Bond Buyer is a century-old daily national trade newspaper based in New York City and focused on covering the municipal bond industry. It is published Monday through Friday, except holidays. The newspaper is printed on tabloid-sized paper, and typically features three to four stories on the front page.

The paper focuses on different regions of the United States each day, and maintains news bureaus in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Florida, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco.

The news organization maintains a website, which provides breaking news updates throughout trading days as well as archives and statistics. The website, like the paper, is viewable to paid subscribers.


Deal of the Year - The Bond Buyer recognizes some of the country’s most innovative municipal bond issuers for transactions that financed a range of projects, including a hospital, a highway, environmental clean-up, schools, and a retirement community. [2] The annual nominations highlight local efforts to help governments find funds for long-planned priorities during a period of historic stress on public budgets. The entries are evaluated by The Bond Buyer’s editors and bureau chiefs, culminating in a massive annual award show.

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