Temnin el-Foka, Temnin el-Faouqa or Temnin al-Fawqa ( Arabic: تمنين الفوقا ‎) is a village in Baalbek District in Lebanon. The village is located at the lower eastern part of Mount Sannin ​. [6] [6]


Temnin el-Foka has a nymphaeum. It is close to the spring of Ain el-Jobb. [1]

The nymphaeum is an arched watercourse built of large stones that has been constructed 4 metres (13 ft) deep into a hill. It leads to a cistern underground. A gulley has formed at the outflow, where a boundary pillar is carved with the image of a goddess. It resembles a similar cippus at Kafr Zabad. [1]

The numerous springs of the region explain human settlement there and the development of the flowing water goddess cult. Hadad ​ and Atargatis ​ were water cult's God and Goddess, they were particularly worshipped during the Roman period. The nymphaeum is built over a spouting spring. [6]

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