Shoko Goto ( 後藤聖子 Gotō Shōko , also romanized as "Syoko Goto") is a busty Japanese adult video actress and gravure model. She takes a Japanese J-cup bra [3] (which is roughly a G cup in American measurements).

Life and career

Born on January 18, 1985, in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan's southernmost island of Kyūshū , Shoko debuted on the Japanese adult entertainment scene with her photo shoot in the September 2004 issue of Bachelor Magazine [4] She made her AV (Adult Video) debut for the Crystal-Eizou company in the same month with the video Tawawana 18-sai Shoko Goto , [7] and quickly became a highly popular actress. Soon after her debut, Crystal-Eizou offered Goto's fans a chance to win a pair of her panties in the "Sexy Panty Auction." The winning bidding results were announced on October 8, 2004. [8] This auction was repeated in December 2004, when Goto's scarlet panties were auctioned, [9] and again in January 2005. [11] Goto was the top-selling AV model in the Kansai region in December 2004. [13]

By the end of her first year in the business, Goto was given an omnibus "Super Re-mix" Best collection release. [14] She was also featured in the company's "Best" collections for the years of 2004 [3] and 2005, [3] and was featured in a 2006 "Best" collection featuring busty models. [3] During her first year, Goto's reputation spread beyond Japan. In August 2005 J-List , the English-language exporter of Japanese products, reported that she had been the subject of considerable attention, [3] and she was expected to be their top-selling model for the month. [3] In late 2010, more than six years after her debut, Japanese Amazon still listed 32 DVDs and two VHS tapes featuring her. [3]

Partial filmography

Released [3] Video title Company Director Notes
2004-09-18 (VHS)
2004-10-29 (DVD)
Tawawana 18-sai Shoko Goto
たわわな19歳 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
VF-35 (VHS)
VFDV-002 (DVD)
Yukihiko Shimamura AV debut
2004-11-26 Big Bust Evolution Shoko Goto
爆乳進化論 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2004-12-17 Menyu Shoko Goto
女乳 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2005-01-28 Busty Private Teacher Shoko Goto
爆乳家庭教師 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-02-25 A-Grade Tits Shoko Goto
A級乳犯 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-02-26 (VHS)
2005-03-25 (DVD)
The Costume Play Maid, Shoko Goto
コスプレ召使い 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
VF-56 (VHS)
VFDV-017 (DVD)
Yukihiko Shimamura
2005-04-29 Perverted Desire Shoko Goto
変態志願 後藤聖子
Crystal-Eizou Venus
2005-05-27 Fetish World
Crystal-Eizou Grace
With Marina Matsushima
2005-06-24 GOGO Shameless Young Lady
Crystal-Eizou Grace
2005-12-23 Super Re-Mix Collection The Best Shoko Goto
Crystal-Eizou MMC