Shelly Fujii ( Japanese: 藤井シェリー , Hepburn: Fujii Sherī ) is an American-Japanese AV idol.

Life and career

Fujii was born on February 18, 1990 in Tokyo, Japan, daughter of a Japanese mother and an American father. The stage name "Fujii" was chosen for her resemblance to singer Lena Fujii. Before entering the entertainment industry, in 2008, she started a blog, "Shelly's Beloved" (いとしのシェリー).

AV debut - KMP

In the same year, 2008, it was announced she was entering the AV industry with the KMP company on their Million label as its new contract girl after the retirement of Rika Asao ( 浅尾リカ ). [3] Her debut movie was Shelly Fujii graces (美神 藤井シェリー), released by KMP in November 2008. [5]

In September 2009, it was announced that she had been chosen to play the android Yuria Type 100 in the V-Cinema Yuria 100% , a live-action adaptation of the popular manga series Yuria 100 Shiki . The video was released in Japan in November 2009. [6] [7] Fujii is the third actress, following Yu Ayanami ( 綾波優 ) and Rika Asao, to work exclusively with KMP for a full year without interruption. To celebrate this, in October 2009, KMP chose her profile page as the opening page for its Japan-US official website. [8]

In January 2010, Shelly Fujii won the Award for Best New Actress at the Adult Broadcasting Awards. [9] [10] Also in 2010, she played a role in the " Poltergeist " section of the V-Cinema erotic horror movie Ero Kowai Kaidan ( エロ怖い怪談 ) , which was directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu. [11] Later in 2010, KMP released her first 3D adult video, Beautiful 3D - Squirting Ejection! . [12]

Fujii was one of eight AV actresses interviewed by Yukihiro Kuroba ( 黒羽幸宏 ) for the May 2011 book Naked Heart ( 裸心 , Hadaka Shin ) ( ISBN 978-4087806106), published by Shueisha, which explored the reasons why they chose to enter the adult video industry. [13] [14] Also in May 2011, Fujii starred in the video Cosmos Plan 30-Year Anniversary Commemoration - An Infirmary For Adults , which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the AV company Cosmos Plan which was closely affiliated with KMP. [15] As part of the celebration of her three-year anniversary with KMP, Fujii performed in a four-hour video with 4 sections directed by 4 well known AV directors: Hideto Aki, K*WEST, Takuan & Company Matsuo. [19]

Partial filmography

Release date [18] Video title Company Director Notes
2008-11-17 (DVD)
2009-01-30 ( Blu-ray)
Shelly Fujii Graces
美神 藤井シェリー
KMP Million Angel
MILD-572 (DVD)
BMILD-001 (Blu-ray)
Hideto Aki AV debut
2008-12-19 Let's Get It On in School
学校でしちゃお♥ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million Angel
2009-01-16 Shelly Fujii Will Support Just You!
KMP Million Angel
BMILD-005 (Blu-ray)
2009-02-20 Shelly Fujii First Experience
初体験 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
Funin Chiro
2009-03-20 Drama Special - Celebrity Shelly Fujii
ドラマスペシャル セレブなシェリー 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2009-04-17 Shelly Fujii Super Digimo - Real Sex
超デジモ リアルSEX 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2009-05-18 (DVD)
2009-07-24 (Blu-ray)
Shelly Fujii You Will Be Relieved By Way Of A Super High Class Soap
超高級ソープで癒してあげる♥ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
MILD-598 (DVD)
BMILD-010 (Blu-ray)
Hideto Aki
2009-06-19 (DVD)
2009-08-21 (Blu-ray)
If Shelly Fujii Was My Girlfriend...
KMP Million
MILD-601 (DVD)
BMILD-011 (Blu-ray)
2009-07-17 (DVD)
2009-09-25 (Blu-ray)
Let's Do Nakadashi Shelly Fujii at School
学校で中出ししちゃお♥ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
MILD-605 (DVD)
BMILD-012 (Blu-ray)
Hideto Aki
2009-08-17 Let's Perform Nakadashi That Will Feel So Very Wonderful
すんごく気持ちいい中出ししよッ♥ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2009-09-18 Shelly Fujii Will Be Your Wife
藤井シェリーが奥さんになってあげる◆ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2009-10-16 Erotic Diva (Goddess) Shelly Fujii
EROTIC DIVA ~女神~ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2009-11-16 Shelly Fujii - 4 Hours, 5 Fucks
藤井シェリー 4時間 5本番
KMP Million
First Anniversary video
2009-12-18 Blow Job Devil Shelly Fujii featuring Yuno Hoshi
鬼フェラ地獄×藤井シェリー feat.星優乃
KMP Million
With Yuno Hoshi
2010-01-15 Ecstasy 4 Hours Shelly Fujii Super Special
イカセ4時間 藤井シェリー SUPER SPECIAL
KMP Million
2010-02-19 Nakadashi 10 Times Consecutively
中出し10連発 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2010-03-19 Reverse Side Shelly Fujii
KMP Million
2010-04-16 The Infiltrating Investigator
潜入捜査官 藤井シェリー ~イカセの責め苦~
KMP Million
2010-05-21 Let's Get Really Promiscious at School Nakadashi-Style
学校で中出し大乱交しようよ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2010-06-25 Ecstasy 24 Hours Shelly Fujii
イカセ24時間 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
Hideto Aki
2010-07-16 Shelly Fujii and Kokomi Naruse's Double Dream
KMP Million
With Kokomi Naruse
2010-08-20 (DVD)
2010-08-27 (Blu-ray)
Best Friend 5
ベストフレンド 5 藤井シェリー・麻倉憂
KMP Million
MILD-656 (DVD)
BMILD-014 (Blu-ray)
With Yū Asakura
2010-09-17 (DVD)
2010-09-24 (Blu-ray)
Shelly Fujii Million Legend's Project Challenge
KMP Million
MILD-662 (DVD)
BMILD-015 (Blu-ray)
2010-10-15 Shelly Fujii Devil Ecstasy Super Special
鬼イカセ スーパースペシャル 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2010-11-12 Methods of a Super Lascivious Actress
藤井シェリー スーパー痴女優への道
KMP Million
With Marie Sandaimeaoi & Yū Kawakami
2010-12-10 (DVD)
2010-12-24 (Blu-ray)
Million Dream 2010 - Erotic Time After School
ミリオン・ドリーム2010 藤井シェリー・麻倉憂・大石のぞみ ~放課後エッチタイム♪~
KMP Million
MILD-680 (DVD)
BMILD-020 (Blu-ray)
With Yū Asakura & Nozomi Ōishi
2010-12-10 (DVD)
2010-12-24 (Blu-ray)
Beautiful 3D - Squirting Ejection!
美3D 飛び出す潮吹き! 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
MILD-681 (DVD)
BMILD-021 (Blu-ray)
3D video
2011-01-14 Sortie! Shelly Visits Your Your Home
KMP Million
2011-02-11 Shelly Fujii - The First Public Exposure
解禁!初露出 いきなり公然ワイセツ 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2011-03-11 Infiltrating Investigator 2
潜入捜査官II 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2011-04-08 High School Girl Molester Story
女子校生痴漢物語 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
2011-05-13 (DVD)
2011-05-27 (Blu-ray)
Million Dream 2011 - Enough Already! Our Stepbrother (Passion!)… We Love You!! (Smiles)
KMP Million
MILD-707 (DVD)
BMILD-029 (Blu-ray)
With Yū Asakura and Shiori Kamisaki
2011-05-13 Cosmos Plan 30-Year Anniversary Commemoration - An Infirmary For Adults
宇宙企画30周年記念 大人の保健室 藤井シェリー
KMP Cosmos Plan
Suisei Akai
( 赤井彗星 )
2011-06-10 If Shelly Fujii Was a Teacher's Pet…
KMP Million
2011-07-08 Sex On the Beach Southern Island Resort
南の島でリゾートしちゃお 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
( 紋℃ )
2011-08-12 Shelly Fujii Young Lady in Bondage
緊縛令嬢 藤井シェリー
KMP Million
Katsuya Taguchi Kinbaku
2011-09-09 Shelly Fujii and Riona Suzune's Double Dream
KMP Million
Suisei Akai
( 赤井彗星 )
With Riona Suzune
2011-10-14 Shelly Fujii 3rd Anniversary - 4 Performances With 4 Different Directors
デビュー3周年記念スペシャル 藤井シェリーと4人の監督4本番
KMP Million
Hideto Aki, Takuan, K*WEST & Company Matsuo
2011-11-11 Shelly Fujii 3rd Anniversary - 180 minutes 4 Performances
藤井シェリーデビュー3周年記念スペシャル 180分4本番
KMP Million
Hideto Aki
2011-12-09 (DVD)
2011-12-23 (Blu-ray)
Million Dream High School Girl Sisters Thief
女子校生は怪盗シスターズ 神咲詩織・藤井シェリー・麻倉憂
KMP Million
MILD-738 (DVD)
BMILD-040 (Blu-ray)
Hideto Aki With Yū Asakura & Shiori Kamisaki


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