Sam Vaghar (born August 19, 1986) is an American social entrepreneur and Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Millennium Campus Network.

Early life

Sam Vaghar was born in Birmingham, England , and raised in Newton, Massachusetts . As a child growing up, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease . [2] A trip in his teenage years to Havana, Cuba exposed him to the challenges of poverty. [2] After enrolling at Brandeis University , Vaghar began to engage in social activism, initially organizing a bi-partisan bus trip to President Bush’s inauguration in 2005. During this time, Vaghar read Mountains Beyond Mountains about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer and Partners in Health. Vaghar then read The End of Poverty by economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs . [3]

Sam graduated from Newton North High School . [13]

As a college sophomore, Vaghar cold-called Dr. Sachs’ office and met with his staff two days later in New York City. Back on campus, Vaghar and friend Seth Werfel later co-founded the Millennium Campus Network in the summer of 2007. [3]

Vaghar graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International & Global Studies from Brandeis University in 2008, and was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

Millennium Campus Network

Vaghar serves as Executive Director of the Millennium Campus Network . In this capacity, Vaghar engages with numerous MCN allies, including sponsors like Microsoft and The Jenzabar Foundation as well as MCN Advisors including Jeffrey Sachs and Paul Farmer . His primary responsibilities center on fundraising and outreach. Vaghar has represented the MCN in engaging with numerous global leaders including President Barack Obama [4] [5] and Secretary of State John Kerry . [6]

Awards & Recognition