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Roll Call is a newspaper and website published in Washington, D.C., United States, when the United States Congress is in session. Roll Call reports news of legislative and political maneuverings on Capitol Hill, as well as political coverage of congressional elections across the country. In addition to breaking news, the paper features analysts such as Kate Ackley, Niels Lesniewski, David Hawkings, and Nathan L. Gonzales.

Roll Call has an online version as well [6], publishing in-depth features, breaking news stories, infographics, award-winning photojournalism, original video series, and over a dozen email newsletters.

In 2017, Roll Call's regular columnists are Walter Shapiro, Jonathan Allen, Mary Curtis, and Patricia Murphy.

Roll Call was founded in 1955 by Sid Yudain, who was working as a press secretary to Congressman Al Morano (R-Conn.) at the time. [7] [8] Yudain published the inaugural issue on June 16, 1955, with an initial printing of 10,000 copies. [9] In 1986, Yudain sold Roll Call to Arthur Levitt, who was serving as the chairman of the American Stock Exchange at the time of the sale. [9] Yudain continued to work as a columnist at after the sale. [9] The Economist Group acquired Roll Call in 1993. [10]

Today, Roll Call is the flagship publication of CQ Roll Call, which also operates: CQ (formerly Congressional Quarterly ), publisher of a subscriber-based service for daily and weekly news about Congress and politics, as well as a weekly magazine. Roll Call merged with CQ in 2009 after the latter company was purchased by The Economist Group, [11] Roll Call's parent company.

Every issue of Roll Call is delivered to Congress and to the White House free of charge.

Congressional Baseball Game

In 1962, Roll Call began sponsoring the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. In 1965, the first Roll Call Trophy was awarded—to the Republican team, which was the first team to win three games since Roll Call began its sponsorship. Since then, a new trophy has been awarded to the next team that wins three games (over the next three, four, or five years), following the year in which the most recent trophy was awarded. Roll Call also sponsors the Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame.

Notable Roll Call staff

  • Kate Ackley, lobbying reporter for and CQ magazine [12]
  • Rebecca Adams, senior health care editor for [13]
  • Bridget Bowman, politics reporter for
  • Eric Garcia, campaigns reporter for [5]
  • John M. Donnelly, senior writer for and CQ magazine
  • Nathan Gonzales, senior election analyst for
  • David Hawking, senior editor for
  • Pablo Manriquez, communications director for and CQ magazine [5] [5] [5]
  • Lindsey McPherson, congressional correspondent for [5] [5]
  • Simone Pathé, politics reporter for
  • Walter Shapiro, opinion writer for and professor of political science at Yale University
  • Kris Viesselman, Editor-in-Chief of

Notable Roll Call alums

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