Parviz Sayyād is a celebrated actor, director, and screenwriter of Iranian cinema .

His first film, the comedic Hasan Kachal (1970), or "Hasan the Bald", is well remembered. He gained more fame starring in one of the oldest Iranian TV series "OKTAPUS" playing the role of a well mannered, diplomatic sneaky and soft-spoken board member. His real break came with one of the most famous Iranian TV series "Sarkar Ostovar" when he created and played the role of a naive but street smart country boy "Samad". After this, Sayyad went on to star in the famous "Samad" film series (somewhat reminiscent of the American " Ernest " series). His character, Samad (or Samad Agha, as he demanded others call him), was a prominent comedic icon of Iran during the 1970s. His 1977 film Dead End was entered into the 10th Moscow International Film Festival . [2]

Other noteworthy roles include "Asdollah Mirza" in Daii jan Napelon .

The Iranian Revolution took place shortly after his 7th feature length "Samad" film was released. Sayyad migrated to Los Angeles shortly after the revolution, where he continued to act, write, direct and produce. In 1983, he directed and starred in the film Ferestadeh , which was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival . [2]

Sayyad is married to Parvin Sayyad and has two daughters, Maryam and Banafsheh.


(As an actor)

  • Hasan Kachal (Hasan the Bald) (1970)
  • Samad va Ghalicheyeh Hazrat Soleyman (1971)
  • Samad va Fulad Zereh Div (1971)
  • Khastegar (1971)