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The term "orgware," together with "software" and "hardware," refers to different aspects of technology transfer.  Hardware refers to the physical technology itself and software to the skills, knowledge and capacity that accompany technology transfer. Orgware refers to the capacity building, organisational and institutional conditions and needs of different actors involved in adopting new technologies.

"The total of organisational concepts, regulations, methods, and measures for the introduction and operation of edp and electronic information systems which are necessary to achieve the objectives specified by means of hardware and software [4] ."

According to the Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank, orgware can be considered as follows: "Unlike previous data-processing systems, integrated office systems include not just hardware/software but what can be called orgware. An office system is a sociotechnical system containing both technical and social subsystems which must be jointly optimized for the system to achieve maximum success. Orgware consists of the procedures, workflow, job redesign, training strategies, implementation plan, educational activities, system responsibilities, and so on which optimize the social component of the new work system [5] ​."

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