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Nao Oikawa ( Japanese:及川 奈央, Hepburn:Oikawa Nao) born April 21, 1981 in Hiroshima, [6] Japan is a Japanese actress, TV Personality and was also a former AV idol who was very popular in the early 2000s.

Life and career

Nao Oikawa was born in Hiroshima, Japan on April 21, 1981. Her family moved to Tokyo when she was a little girl. At age 18, when she graduated from high school and began design school, she met a scout who proposed she become an AV idol. "That time, my hair was bleached and curly. My agency told me to get my hair back to straight black. One day in the office, one staff picked Oikawa as family name from a book, another staff picked Nao from another book. This is where my stage name came from."

AV career


Oikawa's debut was not easy. AV producers did not think that she had special talent in their genre. She used her time for studying popular porn stars' acting (especially, she learned many things from Kurumi Morishita). [7] Finally, Oikawa made her debut adult video at age nineteen for the Media Station Cosmos Plan label in September 2000. [8] Then she released some videos from Alice Japan, Momotaro, etc., but she could not get big success. In her first year of adult work, she made only a few videos, includung a softcore V-Cinema movie, Virgin Teacher Hinako in September 2001. [9]

Taking off

In Spring 2002, Oikawa began an association with the new KMP Million label, most of them under the direction of Goro Tameike. She said that Tameike showed her the way to go. [7] Her first video with KMP and Tameike, Another Side of Nao Oikawa, involved anal sex and forced fellatio. One of her male partners is famed porn actor Taka Kato [10] About same time, she began to work with Soft On Demand and Moodyz which produced her most popular AV works. More than half of her AV work are produced in 2002.

KMP exclusive

In Spring 2003, Oikawa signed exclusive contract with KMP which continued until her retirement. Together with Ran Monbu, Saori Kamiya and Hitomi Hayasaka, she was part of the exclusive group of actresses that KMP used for promotion under the name "2003 Million Girls" (ミリオンガールズ2003,Miriongāruzu 2003). [11] Another Side of Nao Oikawa 2, was even more hardcore with lesbian strap-on sex, forced fellatio and vomiting, multiple partner fellatio and vibrator play. Once again Taka Kato takes part in the action. [13] On a gentler note, Oikawa appeared with Kurumi Morishita in a June 2003 production by KMP entitled Forest in Nude. Directed by TOHJIRO, this lesbian genre video is a "soft, bittersweet story of two friends who remember the days of their youth and the sexual experiences they had". [14]

Popularity and recognition

At her peak, Oikawa was one of the most popular and well-known AV Idols in Japan. In 2003 (the earliest date available) she was #1 in the DMM list of the 100 top-ranked actresses by sales on their website. [15] In 2004, even though she had retired in mid-year, she was still ranked #2, [15] and even in 2005 she made the top 50 at #42. [15] There have since been numerous re-issues and compilations of her earlier videos. Oikawa, along with fellow AV actress Mariko Kawana, actor Taka Kato, director Goro Tameike and Soft On Demand founder Ganari Takahashi, was among the 17 people interviewed for Misato Nakayama's study of professionals in the adult industry, 性職者の人々 あの世界の仕事師たち ( Sei Shoku Sha No Hitobito Ano Sekai No Shigotoshi Tachi ), published in January 2006 by Ohzora (ISBN 4-7767-9229-X). [7]

In 2012, the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers to choose the 100 all-time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of adult videos in Japan. Oikawa finished in 42nd place in the voting. [16]

Actress and TV personality

TV appearances

Like AV idols Nana Natsume and Sora Aoi, Oikawa has been able to use her fame in the AV industry to enter mainstream media work. Soon after her retirement from adult videos, she acted in and directed an episode of the Japanese TV horror series Fantazuma: Cursed House or Fantazuma: Noroi no yakata (ファンタズマ〜呪いの館〜) which aired on TV Tokyo in July 2004. [17] She also played a role in the 2004 comedy-horror TV series The Great Horror Family (怪奇大家族,Kaiki daikazoku) directed by Takashi Shimizu on TV Tokyo. [18] From 2005 to 2006, Oikawa appeared on various midnight TV show including .

SFX actress

On November 11, 2005 Oikawa made a guest appearance in the 6th episode of GARO. It was her first appearance on Tokusatsu sfx series. GARO' s action director Makoto Yokoyama says Oikawa's supple body is suitable to sfx action. On November 9, 2007 she made a guest appearance in the 6th episode of Tsuburaya Productions mini-series Ultraseven X . Oikawa was cast as Negi's advisor "Shizuna Minamoto" in the 2007-08 late-night TV Tokyo series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi based on the manga of the same name about a young male wizard from Wales (Negi, played by a 13-year-old girl) and his 31 female students. [19]

Not same as above are all midnight dramas, Oikawa played the role of villainess Kegalesia in the TV Asahi tokusatsu TV series for kids Engine Sentai Go-onger which ran from February 17, 2008, through February 8, 2009. In the September 21, 2008 episode, Oikawa and her co-stars Rina Aizawa and Yumi Sugimoto teamed up as the one-off G3 Princess singing group, [20] releasing both an EP and a CD box set featuring the group's song G3 Princess Rap ~Pretty Love Limited~ and Oikawa's solo character song Utopia. She also appeared in the Kamen Rider Decade epilogue portion of the December 2009 film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 as the Bee Woman of Shocker.

Other activities

From November to December 2007 Oikawa performed her first lead stage role in a three-person drama called Night Mess. In September 2010 she will take a role in a vampire drama called Blood Prisoner. Some staff members and actors in both dramas are tokusatsu specialists.

Oikawa's family enjoys playing Mahjong as a recreational activity. As a result, she has over 20 years' experience playing the game. Using this experience, she frequently appears in Mahjong related V-Cinemas, TV shows, and various events.


Film and V-Cinema

Title Company Director Release Date Notes
Virgin Teacher Hinako 処女教師 日菜子 GP Museum Takashi Achiwa August 20, 2001 Role: Hinako
Ninja Vixens: Flame Of Seduction くノ一忍法伝 華艶淫火 ~女淫血風抄~ Engel Daiji Hattori February 16, 2002 Role: Shizuku
PLAYBALL GP Museum Maccoi Saito August 3, 2002 Role: Natsu
Capone, The Emperor Of Alchemy In Roppongi カポネ 六本木錬金の帝王 M3 Shingo Yamashiro February 14, 2004 Role: Ryoko Tachibana
The path of carnage 10: Full Scale War In Kyushu 修羅のみち10 九州全面戦争 Knack Keiichi Ozawa May 1, 2004 Role: Yuka
Maggy's Dog Jr. ICF Kengo Kaji March 18, 2005 Role: Lady Maggy
Tsukiko, An Undertaker 葬儀屋月子〜ある葬儀屋の告白〜 EZ Channel Hiroki Yamaguchi October 2005 Role: Tsukiko
No Pants Girls: Movie Boxing Omega Project Sion Sono November 12, 2005 Role: Airi Kanno
Tsukiko, A Nurse 看護師月子〜ある看護師の告白〜 EZ Channel Takayuki Sato January 2006 Role: Tsukiko
Crab Goalkeeper BBMC Minoru Kawasaki May 26, 2006 Role: Nami
Dekotora No Shu 4 デコトラの鷲 其の四 愛と涙の男鹿半島 Fresh Hearts Hideyuki Katsuki April 21, 2007 Role: Straycat Nancy
Mukoubuchi むこうぶち GP Museum Shuji Kataoka June 25, 2007 Role: Shiori
Mukoubuchi 2, The Wilderness Where Demon Lives むこうぶち2 鬼の棲む荒野 GP Museum Shuji Kataoka July 25, 2007 Role: Shiori
Mukoubuchi 3 Underground gambler むこうぶち3 裏プロ GP Museum Shuji Kataoka April 25, 2008 Role: Shiori
Mukoubuchi 4 Saloon Killer むこうぶち4 雀荘殺し GP Museum Shuji Kataoka June 25, 2008 Role: Shiori
Engine Sentai Go-onger: Bom bom! Bom bom Net de Bom!! Toei July 11, 2008 Role: Kegalesia
Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!! Toei Noboru Takemoto August 9, 2008 Role: Kegalesia, a mistress
Mukoubuchi 5 Ice Man むこうぶち5 氷の男 GP Museum Shuji Kataoka December 25, 2008 Role: Shiori
Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger Toei Satoshi Morota January 24, 2009 Role: Kegalesia
Mukoubuchi 6 Whoremaster むこうぶち6 女衒打ち GP Museum Shuji Kataoka December 25, 2008 Role: Shiori
Miss Machiko, the Movie: A Busty and Undefeatable Delinquent Girl 実写版 まいっちんぐマチコ先生 無敵のおっぱい番長 TMC Ataru Ueda July 17, 2009 Role: Head teacher Ishizu
TOGETHER T&M Kazuaki Mutou September 5, 2009 Role: a nurse
Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 Toei Ryuta Tasaki December 12, 2009 Role: Bee Woman
Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: GinmakuBang!! Toei Shojiro Nakazawa January 30, 2010 Role: Kegalesia
Mukoubuchi 7 Hidden Tiles むこうぶち7 筋殺し GP Museum Shuji Kataoka March 25, 2010 Role: Shiori
Sir!! May I Go To Toilet?? 裁判長!トイレ行ってきていいすか Aniplex Jun Shiozaki August 27, 2010 Role: Nobuko Makimura
Mukoubuchi 8 The Evil Eye むこうぶち8 邪眼 GP Museum Shuji Kataoka December 17, 2010 Role: Shiori
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship Toei Katsuya Watanabe August 6, 2011 Role: Kegalesia
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan: The Movie Toei Shojiro Nakazawa January 21, 2012 Role: Kegalesia
Mighty Lady - The Series Mighty Lady production committee Ichiro Omomo March 31, 2012 Role: Sister
WONOGAWA WONOGAWA production committee


Hiroki Yamaguchi April 6, 2013 Role: Tomura Chinuno
Death Trap - Law of Death Rakuso-sya Kazuhiro Yokoyama September 4, 2013 Role: Death

TV Drama

Title Network Director Release Date Notes
Fantasma: Cursed Residence: episode 3 ファンタズマ〜呪いの館〜 TV Tokyo Nao Oikawa August 2004 Director, a shopkeeper
The Great Horror Family 怪奇大家族 TV Tokyo Takashi Shimizu, Kenji Murakami, Keisuke Toyoshima, Yûdai Yamaguchi October to December 2004 Role: various women
30 minutes: episode 2 TV Tokyo Hitoshi Ohne October 2004 Role: Ayumi
Deep Love Host TV Tokyo Hideo Nanbu January 17 to March 18, 2005 Role: Sara
Heroine is born ヒロイン誕生 TV Osaka July 2005 to March 2006 Role: Nao
GARO: episode 6 TV Tokyo Kengo Kaji November 11, 2005 Role: Kotomi
A King At Night: episode 6 夜王 TBS Masahiro Sakai February 17, 2006 Role: Marin
Pleasure Master: episode 1 快感職人 TV Asahi July 8, 2006 Role: Yukari
Girl From Hell: episode 7 地獄少女 Nihon TV December 2006 Role: Kiriko Matsui
Negima! Magister Negi Magi 魔法先生ネギま! TV Tokyo Ryu Kaneda October 3, 2007 to March 26, 2008 Role: Shizuna Minamoto
Ultraseven X: episode 6: Traveler CBC Kengo Kaji November 9, 2007 Role: Arisa
Edison's Mama: episode 6 エジソンの母 TBS Jun Muto February 15, 2008 Role: magic teacher in a book
Engine Squadron Go-onger TV Asahi February 17, 2008 to February 8, 2009 Role: Kegalesia(GP1-GP49), Nao Kiyomizu(GP-FINAL)
Coelacanth Murder Case シーラカンス殺人事件 Fuji TV November 27, 2009 Role: a nightclub hostess
Taiga drama Ryōmaden: episode 4 NHK Keishi Ootomo January 24, 2010 Role: Shino
Uchû inusakusen: episode 4 TV Tokyo Kouichi Hamaya August 13, 2010 Role: Monroe
Garo: Yami o Terasu Mono: episode 11 TV Tokyo Mitsuyoshi Abe June 15, 2013 Role: Boara
Aristocratic Bachelor: episode 3 Fuji TV Makoto Hirano October 24, 2013 Role: Sakurako Kamino

Variety DVD

Title Company Genre Release Date Notes
Mourning Mr. Kendo Kobayashi 追悼ケンドーコバヤシさん YOSHIMOTO WORKS Conte October 26, 2005 Role: The widow of Kendo Kobayashi
Full Of Trouble 2, Life of Comedians 原口あきまさの波乱万場2 ShowTime Conte July 19, 2009 Role: Miss "O"
IS YOUR SEX HAPPY? あなたのセックスは幸せですか GP Museum How to October 25, 2009 Supervising adviser
Queen Fuji Cup the 1st mah-jong tournament 第1回麻雀女王トーナメント GP Museum Mahjong April 16, 2010 MC
The mah-jong title match 2011 - celebrity's primary 麻雀最強戦2011 著名人代表決定戦 Takeshobo Mahjong September 2, 2011 Player
The mah-jong title match 2012 - celebrity's primary 麻雀最強戦2012 著名人代表決定戦・風神編 Takeshobo Mahjong September 7, 2012 Player
The mah-jong title match 2013 - final 麻雀最強戦2013 Takeshobo Mahjong March 5, 2014 Player

Adult videos

Video title Company Director Release date Notes
Honeybee's Mischief みつばちの悪戯 Cosmos Plan WATARUX September 30, 2000 Debut (1)
Indecent Woods 露骨な森のエロス Cosmos Plan Toru Kosakai October 29, 2000 (1)
My StepSister is a Beautiful Nurse お義姉さんは美・看護婦 Alice Japan Babylon Shigeo Katsuyama December 22, 2000 (2), (3)
Uniform Doll 制服人形(コスプレドール) Alice Japan Yuji Sakamoto January 23, 2001 (2), (3)
Bejean 12 Momotaro May 25, 2001 (4)
I Satisfy Your Wish コスプレックス Momotaro October 24, 2001 (4)
How to Perfect 徹底攻略 Wanz Factory November 1, 2001 (5)
AA.II ア~イ~ Shy Plan Kyuhei Tsubakihara November 30, 2001
The Hypnotism Fuck of Nao Oikawa 催眠FUCK MidnightBlue December 2001 CS TV series (1), (13)
Wild Thing IV Momotaro Butta Sato December 20, 2001 (4)
Give Up Human Being 人間廃業 Alice Japan Babylon Kunihiro Hasegawa December 21, 2001 (2), (3)
AV Model Recipe 15 AV虎の穴-AV女優の作り方 Wanz Factory January 1, 2002 (5)
Obscene Model 猥褻モデル Alice Japan Kyuhei Tsubakihara January 18, 2002 (2)
Fallen Angel X 堕天使X Media Station Bazooka Daimei Kurata February 10, 2002 (1)
Black Date Wanz Factory Mitsuru Shibahara February 28, 2002 (5)
Illusion Nurse/Beautiful Ass Nurse 妄想ナース/美尻ナース Marx Princess Kei Morikawa March 23, 2002 (5)
First Fuckin' Baby 柏の森で会いましょう Moodyz DAICHI April 1, 2002 (6), (7), (15)
She Is A Forbidden Elder 僕のお姉さん TMA April 12, 2002 (8)
Canned Peach, The Real Face Of "Wild Thing"ers 桃の缶詰 ワイルドシンガーの素顔 Momotaro April 17, 2002 Omunibus
Dream Woman 5 Moodyz Alala Kurosawa May 1, 2002 (6), (7), (14)
Implication Nao Oikawa 裏・及川奈央 KMP Million Goro Tameike May 17, 2002 (9), (12)
Super High-Class Soap Lady 超高級ソープ嬢 SOD Hajime Yarigasaki May 17, 2002 (10)
Dream High School Vol.5 ドリーム学園VOL.5 Moodyz Daikei Shimizu June 1, 2002 With Nanami Yusa (6), (15)
Angel 97 Idea Pocket Taiyo Shibato June 8, 2002 (14)
Handjob Helper aka Masturbation Aid オナニーのお手伝いしてあげる SOD Yuji Sakamoto June 21, 2002 (10)
Crime and Punishment 罪と罰 VIP Juzo Kamonohashi June 21, 2002
Prohibition 禁断 Media Bank June 28, 2002
Nymph's Kiss 超☆美少女接吻 Natural High July 5, 2002 Omunibus Lesbian
The Lady Panther 2 女豹2 Attackers Shark Kaito Ashihara July 8, 2002 (14)
Beauty Female Doctor 美人女医・淫虐病棟 白濁色にまみれて SOD Nomao Yonezu July 19, 2002 (10)
When Nao is My Pet もしも及川奈央が僕のペットだったら・・・ KMP Million Goro Tameike July 19, 2002 (9), (12)
Exposure at the Pachinko Parlor パチンコパーラーで露出! Virtual Wave July 23, 2002
Super Angle of Manko 超-股間のアングル Wanz Factory August 1, 2002 (5)
Female Teacher Pet Chapter 5 僕だけの女教師ペット 第5章 SOD Hideto Aki August 4, 2002 (10)
Yukata Festival 夏祭り!ゆかた美人大集合 Momotaro August 10, 2002 Omunibus (4)
How is an Indecent Female 淫らな雌はいかがですか? Moodyz Koushiro August 15, 2002 (6), (7), (15)
Costume Play Busty Idol コスプレ巨乳アイドル KMP Million Nimura Hitoshi August 16, 2002
FACE 51 AUDAZ JAPAN August 23, 2002 (11)
Hip & Vagina 4 お尻と性器 Wanz Factory September 1, 2002 (5)
Pleads for Pudding おねだりプリン SOD September 6, 2002 (10)
The Lustful Female Vol. 19 雌女 AUDAZ JAPAN September 6, 2002 (11)
Gold Member Activ 1 September 10, 2002 With Miri Sugihara
Tasted Nao Oikawa's Big Tits 及川奈央の巨乳を味わえ!! KMP Million Goro Tameike September 20, 2002 (9), (12)
Digital Mosaic Vol.005 Moodyz Rinya October 1, 2002 (6), (7), (15)
Uki Uki Watching うきうきウオッチング GOGO's October 2, 2002
Virginity Student Hunting 新・童貞狩り 第3章 SOD Kei Morikawa October 19, 2002 (10)
Violent Shoot 激射 vol.22 AUDAZ JAPAN October 25, 2002 (11)
Shove to The Hilt コスプレ及川奈央 TMA October 25, 2002 (8)
Actress Restraint Maniac 女優・拘束マニア Wanz Factory November 1, 2002 (5)
Super Angle of Oppai 超-美乳のアングル Wanz Factory November 1, 2002 (5)
My Only Big Tit Mama 3 僕だけの巨乳ママ3 Waap Entertainment KINGDOM November 8, 2002
Idol Semen Vol.8 SOD Takaki Goto November 20, 2002 (10)
Fan Festa Hotspring Bus Tour ファン感謝温泉バスツアー KMP Million Goro Tameike November 22, 2002
LOVE pussy [Side.A] LOVE potion ナース淫欲病棟 meltyKiss November 30, 2002 aka Nurse Nao
Sweet pussy [Side.B] Sweet lesson 女教師淫欲教室 meltyKiss November 30, 2002 aka Teacher Nao
Sex Wars 1 Moodyz Rintaro Ise December 1, 2002 With Akira Watase, Moe Nishimura (6), (15)
Another Side Of Black Date 裏ブラックデート Wanz Factory Mitsuru Shibahara December 1, 2002
Beauty Bust Nurse's Sexual Harassment 看護娼婦 Dream Ticket Goro Tameike December 5, 2002
VIP Shower 3 Waap Entertainment Beauty [Jo]Style December 6, 2002 With Mirai Hoshizaki & Miyuki Hourai
Dream Contest of W Cast Wanz Factory December 10, 2002 With Miyuki Horai
If Nao Oikawa Was My Girlfriend... もしも及川奈央がぼくの彼女だったら・・・ KMP Million Goro Tameike December 13, 2002 (9), (12)
Wet Seethrough 濡れてスケスケ Bunny's Bunny January 1, 2003
Crazy Tongue 舌狂 h.m.p. Samm Ryutaro Kanno January 28, 2003 With Akira Watase
Whole Nao Oikawa まるごと及川奈央 SOD February 6, 2003 (10)
Let Do Sex In High-School With Nao Oikawa 及川奈央と学校でしようよ! GLAY'z February 7, 2003
Lady Snowblood 修羅雪姫 Trans February 20, 2003
Make A Play Of Nao Oikawa 極・本番 GLAY'z February 21, 2003
Amateur Club 素人倶楽部 Obtain Future February 24, 2003 Divided into 7 titles.
4 Hours with Nao Oikawa 及川奈央 4時間 KMP Million Hideto Aki April 25, 2003 (9), (12)
Spanking Girls KMP Million Goro Tameike May 23, 2003 With Hitomi Hasegawa
Keep On Flash Pleasure In Four Hours 完全なるイカセ4時間 KMP Million Goro Tameike June 20, 2003 (9), (12)
Forest in Nude ヌードの森 〜メモワール レズビアン〜 KMP Million TOHJIRO June 27, 2003 Lesbian With Kurumi Morishita
Magical Mystery Tour KMP Million Goro Tameike July 25, 2003 With Hitomi Hayasaka, Ran Monbu, Hitomi Hasegawa, Saori Kamiya (9)
24 Charisma Idols KMP Million July 25, 2003 Omunibus
Les Quatre cents coups 2003 大人は判ってくれない2003 KMP Million Rintaro Ise August 29, 2003 With Hitomi Hayasaka, Ran Monbu (9)
Another Side of Nao Oikawa 2 裏・及川奈央2 KMP Million Goro Tameike September 26, 2003 (9), (12)
High Class Super Healing Soap Land 超高級癒し系おもてなしソープランド KMP Million Goro Tameike October 24, 2003 (9), (12)
You Are My Brothers Wife 兄貴の嫁さん KMP Million Goro Tameike November 28, 2003 (9), (12)
Molester Story 痴漢物語 KMP Million Goro Tameike December 26, 2003 (9), (12)
8 Hours with Nao Oikawa 及川奈央 8時間 KMP Million Hideto Aki February 28, 2004 (12)
Special 4 Hours with Super Stars 完全撮りおろしスーパースター4時間SPECIAL KMP Million April 23, 2004 Omunibus
If Nao Was My Girlfriend... 2 もしも及川奈央が僕の彼女だったら・・・2 KMP Million Hideto Aki April 30, 2004 (9), (12)
The Woman Called Nao NAOと呼ばれた女 KMP Million Goro Tameike June 25, 2004 With nao. (9)
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Talk show

Title Network Date Notes
Pouring & Coming ぶっかけ☆イッたっしょ!? CS Nippon April, 2003 to March 2004 Erotic TV show where Oikawa was MC and she did not perform any erotic act.
13 contes about destruction of human race 人類滅亡と13のコント集 Nihon TV October 2004 to March 2005 Role: Maha-Virocana Buddha
Dragon Gate 登竜門 Fuji TV 2004 to 2005 Talking, Singing and Dancing with Sora Aoi, Nana Natsume, etc.
I’m speaking here! おしゃべりやってまーす K’z station September 2004 to October, 2005
Nao on Sale Local radio stations 2005 to 2007
Angry Old Men 怒りオヤジ TV Tokyo April, 2005 to March 2009
Premier ぷれミーヤ TV Asahi 2006 to 2008
Too Naturally 自然体にもほどがある Gyao Jocky March 16, 2007 to August 28, 2009 With Rei Kinukawa
Push 80 percent, Pull 20 percent 8押して2引け Pokela June 11 to December 17, 2009
Tonight's dollar box S 今夜もドル箱S TV Tokyo April, 2011 (continuing)


Title Playwright/Director Date Theater Notes
Checkmate Masuo Hasumi April to May 31, 2005 Umeda Kagetsu (Osaka)
Shimurakon Ken Shimura /La Salle Ishii April 6 to 30, 2006 Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Cyunichi Theater (Nagoya)
Night Mess Yuji Kobayashi/Kengo Kaji November 21 to December 23, 2007 14 Livehouses in Niigata, Kōriyama, Ishinomaki, Sendai, Nagano, Nagoya, Kobe, Tokyo, Hamamatsu, Okayama, Osaka, Kumamoto, Fukuoka, Hiroshima Role: Saki (leading role)
Blood Prisoner Kengo Kaji August 31 to September 5, 2010 Ebisu Echo Theater (Tokyo) Role: Miyabi Jinguji
Angel Heart Tsukasa Hojo /Seiki Watanabe October 2, 2010 Kichijōji Theatre (Tokyo) With Yumi Sugimoto Role: Saeko Nogami
15-0 Fifteen Love Tetsuhiro Ikeda June 1 to 19, 2011 Ekimae Theater (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo) HEP HALL (Umeda, Osaka) With comedy conte unit "Hyogen Sawayaka"
Women's feeling Tomoki Kanazawa/Nao Oikawa/Megumi Kuge September 15 to 18, 2011 Theater HOPE (Nakano, Tokyo) Two Person Show with Megmi Kuge
HOLSTEIN KILLER NEVER DIE!! Ken Arima February 15 to 19, 2012 The Pocket (Nakano, Tokyo) With "Kaiketsu Pandars" Role: Ai Sasayaka
AI-NIKU Scenario writers group "Dra-Kichi" March 8 to 11, 2012 SAMSA ASAGAYA (Tokyo) Role: Fortune-teller Mitsumi
Royal Straight Flush Tetsuhiro Ikeda June 24 to July 8, 2012 Honda Theater (Shimokitazawa, Tokyo) ABC HALL (Fukushima-ku, Osaka) With comedy conte unit "Hyogen Sawayaka"
Evil Women Ayako Kitagawa, Makoto Ozeki September 20 to 23, 2012 RABINEST (Takadanobaba, Tokyo) Two Person Show with Megmi Kuge
Tokyo Eccentric Explosion Miyuki Torii, Hirohide Sumida April 17 to 21, 2013 Space Zero( Yoyogi, Tokyo) LIBERUS Produce, Tokyo Guillotine Club
Tokaido Girls Tetsuhiro Ikeda August 29 to September 1, 2013 THEATER BRATS( Shinjuku, Tokyo) Two Person Show with Megmi Kuge
Say Hello to "Say Hello to Black Jack" Shuho Sato, Kentaro Ono September 11 to 16, 2013 Theater Sun-mall( Shinjuku, Tokyo) Role: Masae Kawamukai
Curse Yoshimi Tokui, Yohei Yamazaki November 27 to December 1, 2013 Red Theater( Akasaka, Tokyo) Role: Kekomi Nagi
7EVEN LOVERS Akira Watanabe March 18 to 23, 2014 Yorozu Gekijo( Otsuka, Tokyo) Role: Wizar (leading role)


Title Company Photographer Date Notes
OIKAWA NAO PORTRAITS Futabasya Seiichi Nomura June 2001
MOON FLOWER Bauhouse Hiroyuki Yoshida October, 2002
NAKED HEART ハダカノココロ Bunkasya Shinichiro Koike June 2003
A GODDESS 女神 Futabasya Shoken Takahashi December 2003
DOCILE(NATURE OF NAO) Su-Nao Wani Books Kouki Nishida June 2005 her last nude photobook
G3 PRINCESS VISUAL BOOK Gakusyu Kenkyusya Junichiro Shimokawa October, 2008 With Rina Aizawa, Yumi Sugimoto


Title Company Date Notes
Shei Shei Shake 謝・謝・Shake BMG Japan November 23, 2005 "Shei Shei Shake" "Oyasumi"
Engine Sentai Go-onger G3 Princess CD-BOX Columbia Music Entertainment October 1, 2008 "G3 Princess Rap - PRETTY LOVE Limited" with Rina Aizawa, Yumi Sugimoto "Utopia"
Appare Ba-Ban-Bang! Bellwood Records October 26, 2011 "Appare Ba-Ban-Bang!" "Kame-sama, please"


  • : Scenario for cartoon on internet. Serialized from March 2009.
  • - Pachinko Machine (Heiwa Corporation): From 2009 summer to 2010 winter, for 3 versions, total 20,000 machines supposed to be shipped.
  • A Letter from Ancient Capital Kyoto 古都便り: Photograph, Reading poetry by Nao Oikawa, Music by Tsugutoshi Goto, Phone-Casted from April 27, 2010.


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