Mombasa County is one of the 47 counties of Kenya . Its capital and the only city in the county is Mombasa . Initially it was one of the former districts of Kenya but in 2013 it was reconstituted as a county, on the same boundaries. It is the smallest county in Kenya, covering an area of 229.7 km 2 excluding 65 km 2 of water mass. The county is situated in the south eastern part of the former Coast Province . It borders Kilifi County to the north, Kwale County to the south west and the Indian Ocean to the east. Administratively, the county is divided into seven divisions, eighteen locations and thirty sub-locations.

Kenya was divided into eight provinces prior to 2013, which were subdivided into 47 counties. In the former Coast Province there are six counties, Mombasa being one of them. It is situated in the southeast of Coast Province. It is the smallest in size, covering an area of 212.5 km². [9] The county lies between latitudes 3°56’ and 4°10’ south of the equator and longitudes 39°34’ and 39°46’ east.

Geographical area

The county and the city are divided into four divisions:


The county is composed of six Parliamentary constituencies : [10]

Constituency name Pop. 2009 Census Area covered No. of ward wards
Changamwe 147,613 16 5 Port Reitz, Kipevu, Airport, Changamwe, Chaani
Jomvu 102,566 29 3 Jomvu Kuu, Miritini, Mikindani
Kisauni 194,065 88.7 7 Mjambere, Junda, Bamburi, Mwakirunge, Mtopanga, Magogoni, Shanzu
Nyali 185,990 22.88 5 Frere Town, Ziwa la Ngombe, Mkomani, Kongowea, Kadzandani
Likoni 166,008 41.10 5 Mtongwe, Shika Adabu, Bofu, Likoni, Timbwani
Mvita 143,128 14.80 5 Mji wa Kale/Makadara, Tudor, Tononoka, Majengo Ganjoni/Shimanzi
Total 939,370 212.48 30 -

Mombasa County lies within the coast lowland, which rises gradually from the sea level in the east to slightly over 76 m above sea level in the mainland west. The highest point is at Nguu Tatu hills in the mainland north that rises up to 100 m above sea level.

Services and urbanisation

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