Margaux Avedisian , who has called herself the Queen of Bitcoin, [3] is a Bitcoin entrepreneur, comedian, and public relations specialist based in New York City ​. She is a digital-currency consultant of Armenian descent, is involved in several high-level bitcoin projects, and has appeared in documentaries and on numerous panels. [4] Since starting her career in Blockchain in 2012, she has helped co-found three Bitcoin exchanges (MonetaGo, Tradehill, Alphapoint), and has further advised over dozens of other Blockchain platforms through her work as Vice President at Transform Group, a Blockchain PR and Advisory organization.

Early life

Margaux was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She went to high school at St. Thomas Aquinas and eventually pursued a college degree in chemistry and psychology from Mount Holyoke College. Since graduating from school, Margaux has specialized in technology and cryptocurrency.

Margaux holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MFA in Fashion Merchandising from Academy of Art University, [5] [6] where she was the vice president of the school's fashion club. [7]



Margaux often performs comedy, including being a woman in technology, cryptocurrency ​, and politics. She performs predominantly at New York City comedy clubs as well as conferences for bitcoin entrepreneurs and organizations. She has made appearances at large-scale conferences such as SXSW, DLD, [8] and the John Stossel show on FOX Network. [9] Margaux has performed at various other venues such as Caroline’s, NY Comedy Club, Cornelia Street Cafe and Broadway Comedy Club. She appeared in the documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin , where she debuted her screen-time career. [10] Her performance at the Consensus bitcoin conference gained the most traction, as she was picked up by a writer at the Wall Street Journal who then wrote an editorial piece on her. [3]

Margaux hosts her own podcasts that center around her comedy and her career. Her weekly podcast, Burning Bridges with Margaux, aired weekly on Radio Free Brooklyn. [11]


Before Bitcoin, she also worked on QA for Google ​ for over four years and co-founded a couple of companies, including the social music app TuneTug . [17]


Margaux became involved with Bitcoin businesses by relaunching the first American Bitcoin exchange, Tradehill. At Tradehill she spearheaded the company’s expansion by raising money, hiring key employees including the CFO, and writing detailed client policies and procedures. Following her work at Tradehill, Margaux was approached by AlphaPoint ​, another Bitcoin exchange, to join as CEO and Co-Founder until they pivoted to an exchange licensing company.

Margaux held marketing and management roles at bitcoin firms AlphaPoint, Lazzerbee, MonetaGo, and Tradehill, as well as the International Ripple Business Association.

She has also been an advisor to BitcoinShop, Chamber of Digital Commerce, and the Lifeboat Foundation, and has been an algorithm consultant to Google. Her advisory to these organizations has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. [12] Additionally, she was featured in a video interview with Reuters for her input on venture capitalism within the bitcoin industry. [13] [14] She also has been featured in the FOX news technology section for her input on the Russian ban of bitcoin operations and usage. [15]

Margaux is also involved in the creation of startup companies. One of her startups, Answer in 30, appeared in Wired as a finalist in their entrepreneurial startup contest. [16]