The Lucy Burns Institute ( LBI ) is an American nonprofit, nonpartisan [8] [9] educational organization. Founded in 2006, LBI publishes Ballotpedia, an online wiki -style encyclopedia about the U.S. political and judicial systems. [10] [12] [13] The organization reported revenue of just over $3 million in 2014. [7]


LBI was founded in December 2006 by the group's current president, Leslie Graves. [5] [4] [4] The group is named after Lucy Burns, co-founder of the National Woman's Party. [16] The group is headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin.

LBI publishes Ballotpedia, an encyclopedia about American politics and elections. [4] It covers the U.S. Congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, ballot measures, recall elections, school board elections, candidate ballot access, public policy, municipal government, and the federal and state judiciaries. [16] [4] Ballotpedia has been referenced in Politico , [4] the Washington Times , [4] the Wall Street Journal , [4] the Washington Post , [4] the Chicago Tribune , [12] the Atlanta Journal-Constitution , [4] and Bloomberg Businessweek . [24]

The Wall Street Journal described Ballotpedia as "a nonpartisan organization that collects election data." [25] According to the Colorado Springs Gazette , Ballotpedia publishes "nonprofit wiki encyclopedias that use nonpartisan collaboration to gather political info for sharing." [26] The Las Vegas Review-Journal described LBI as "a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that promotes education about local government." [27]


In 2012, LBI published a study analyzing the quality of official state voter guides based on six criteria. According to the study, only nine states were rated “excellent” or “very good," while 24 states received a “fair” or “poor” rating. [8]

In May 2014, the Center for American Progress used Ballotpedia data to analyze the immigration policy stances of Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives. [28]