Louise Frevert (born 31 May 1953) is a former member of the Danish parliament, [12] born in Frederiksberg. She was elected as member of parliament for the Danish People's Party [13] in the 2001 election and reelected in 2005. She left the party in 2007 [12] and later joined the Centre Democrats, which did not stand for reelection in the 2007 elections. She is also a former member of the Conservative People's Party.

Before entering politics, she was a professional belly dancer and performed in the 1970s for the Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. She also performed as a backup dancer with Debbie Cameron at Eurovision 1981. She has also been a pornographic actress [13] and has performed in several short vignettes from Color Climax. Louise Frevert is openly lesbian [13] and is in a registered partnership with another woman.

Frevert was prosecuted for her 2005 comments against immigration and Muslims, which she published on her website. [14] [15]