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This is a list of existing major film festivals, sorted by continent.


Name Est. City Country Type Notes
Africa International Film Festival 2010 Calabar Nigeria International
Cairo International Film Festival 1976 Cairo Egypt International The first film festival in the Arab world.
Carthage Film Festival 1966 Carthage Tunisia Regional Features films directed by those of African or Middle Eastern nationality.
Dockanema 2006 Maputo Mozambique Special interest Annual documentary film festival.
Durban International Film Festival 1979 Durban South Africa International Largest film festival in Southern Africa. Most of the screenings are African premieres.
Encounters South African International Documentary Festival 1999 Cape Town South Africa International Annual documentary film festival.
International Arab Film Festival 1976 Wahran Algeria International
International Film Festival of Marrakech 2001 Marrakech Morocco International
Out In Africa South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 1994 Cape Town and Johannesburg South Africa International Gay and lesbian film festival.
Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou 1969 Ouagadougou Burkina Faso international The largest African film festival.
Rencontres du Film Court Madagascar 2006 Antananarivo Madagascar Pan-African/regional The only film festival in Madagascar.
Rwanda Film Festival 2005 Kigali Rwanda International
Sahara International Film Festival 2003 Sahrawi refugee camps Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Algeria International The only film festival in the world held in a refugee camp.
Zanzibar International Film Festival 1997 Zanzibar City Tanzania International An annual film, music and arts festival.
Zimbabwe International Film Festival 1997 Harare Zimbabwe International


Asian Festival of First Films ||2005|| Singapore || Singapore ||Special interest||An annual film and documentary festival devoted to the works of first-time filmmakers.

Est. City Country Type Notes
All Lights India International Film Festival 2015 India India International
Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2007 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates International Annual film festival showcasing films from the Arab world alongside international works.
Alpavirama South Asian Short Film Festival (Alpavirama) 2011 Ahmedabad India South Asian For short films from young filmmakers of southeast Asia.
Animation Nation 2004 Singapore Singapore Animation An annual film festival showcasing international and local animation works.
ARY Film Awards 2014 Karachi Pakistan International
Asia Pacific Film Festival 1954 Rotating Regionwide Regional First held in Tokyo, rotated annually.
Asian Queer Film Festival 2007 Tokyo Japan East Asian Annual Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangender film festival.
Bangalore Queer Film Festival 2008 Bangalore India International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Bangkok Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015 Bangkok Thailand International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Bangkok International Film Festival 2003 Bangkok Thailand International
Beijing College Student Film Festival 1993 Beijing China
Beijing Independent Film Festival 2004 Beijing China International Independent films and documentaries.
Beijing International Film Festival 2011 Beijing China International
Beijing Queer Film Festival 2001 Beijing China International China's first and longest-running annual LGBT film festival.
Bengaluru International Film Festival 2006 Bangalore India International
Bring Your Own Film Festival 2004 Puri India Special interest
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 1997 Bucheon South Korea International Held annually in July, focuses on horror, thriller, mystery, and fantasy films.
Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 1996 Busan South Korea International First film festival in Korea, focusing on new films and first-time directors.
Changchun Film Festival 1992 Changchun China International, regional Held biennially.
Chennai International Film Festival 2003 Chennai International Film Festival India International Held annually.
Children's International Film Festival 2014 Dubai United Arab Emirates International Annual film festival for children, held in UAE.
Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2005 Manila Philippines National Held annually, it showcases independent films and shorts.
Cinemanila International Film Festival 1999 Manila Philippines International Held annually, it was founded by Filipino filmmaker Tikoy Aguiluz.
Cinemela Film Festival 2006 New Delhi India International Held annually, it was initiated by Prakash K. Ray and Rishika Mehrish.
Development Film Festival India International Films about the development of the poor and vulnerable communities.
Dhaka International Film Festival 1992 Dhaka Bangladesh International A biennial film festival, organized by Rainbow Film Society, Bangladesh.
Dharamshala International Film Festival 2012 Dharamshala India International An international film festival.
Didor International Film Festival 2004 Dushanbe Tajikistan International
Dubai International Film Festival 2004 Dubai United Arab Emirates International
Duhok International Film Festival 2011 Duhok Iraq International Featuring films from Kurdish regions as well as world cinema.
Eilat International Film Festival 2003 Eilat Israel International Held annually.
Fajr International Film Festival 1982 Tehran Iran International Held every February.
Filmsaaz 2008 Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh India International International short film festival held since 2008.
FreedomFilmFest 2003 Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, and Sarawak Malaysia International Human rights film festival held annually.
Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards 1962 Taipei Taiwan Regional The annual, month-long festival, featuring Chinese-language and Asian films.
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Guangzhou China International
Haifa International Film Festival 1983 Haifa Israel International Held annually on Sukkot, it is Israel's first film festival.
Hiroshima International Animation Festival 1985 Hiroshima Japan International ASIFA
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2004 Hong Kong Hong Kong Asian
Hong Kong International Film Festival 1977 Hong Kong Hong Kong International
Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 1989 Hong Kong Hong Kong International Asia's first and longest-running LGBT film festival.
Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2014 Hyderabad India Regional Annual film festival featuring works from the Bengali film industry.
Hyderabad International Film Festival 2007 Hyderabad India International
ifva: Incubator for Film and Visual media in Asia 1993 Hong Kong Hong Kong International Formerly known as the Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards
Image Forum Festival 1987 Tokyo, Kyoto and Yokohama Japan International Japan's largest art films festival.
Indian Film Festival Japan 2012 Japan Japan Indian and Indian themes Films of India and Japan.
Indonesian Film Festival 1955 Jakarta Indonesia National Held intermittently to exhibit nominees for the Citra Award.
International Cinema Festival of India (ICFI) 2009 Jaipur India International Held annually, it features six categories.
International Film Festival of India 1952 Goa India International First held in 1952, since 1975 it is an annual event.
International Film Festival of Kerala 1996 Thiruvananthapuram India International, Regional Held annually in November or December.
Jaipur International Film Festival 2009 Jaipur India International Held annually in January or February
Jakarta International Film Festival 1998 Jakarta Indonesia International Held annually in November or December.
Japanese Film Festival (Singapore) Before 1999 Singapore Singapore Japanese Annual film festival devoted to Japanese films.
Jecheon Intl Music & Film Festival 2005 Jecheon South Korea International A music-themed film festival.
Jeonju International Film Festival 2000 Jeonju South Korea International Focuses on digital, independent, and art films.
Jerusalem Film Festival 1984 Jerusalem Israel International Annual festival featuring films from all over the world.
Kara Film Festival 1992 Karachi Pakistan International
Korea Queer Film Festival 2001 Seoul Republic of Korea International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival 2007 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia International Successor to the Kuala Lumpur World Film Festival.
Lux Style Awards 2001 Karachi Pakistan National Lux Style Awards
Macau International Movie Festival 2009 Macau China International
Malaysia Film Festival 1980 Malaysia Malaysia National Malaysia's equivalent to the Academy Awards.
Metro Manila Film Festival 1975 Manila Philippines National Focuses on Filipino films.
Mumbai International Film Festival 1990 Mumbai India International Focuses on documentary, short, and animation films.
Mumbai Queer Film Festival 2010 Mumbai India International, Regional Held annually in May; showcases Indian and international LGBT films.
Mumbai Women's International Film Festival 2013 Mumbai India International Annual film festival featuring films made by women directors and technicians.
Nigar Awards 1957 Karachi Pakistan International
Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema 1999 New Delhi India Regional
Patna Film Festival 2006 Patna India International International film festival.
Pride International Film Festival 2004 Manila Philippines International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Pyongyang International Film Festival 1987 Pyongyang North Korea International Biennial
Q! Film Festival 2002 Jakarta Indonesia Asian and international One of Asia's largest annual LGBT film festivals.
Shanghai International Film Festival 1993 Shanghai China International Mainland China's largest film festival.
ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival 2015 Shanghai China International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Singapore International Film Festival 1987 Singapore Singapore International Singapore's longest running film festival, focusing on Asian works.
siffcy 2015 New Delhi India International Held annually in December.
Syne International Film Festival 2001 Cochin India International Held annually in May.
Taipei Film Festival 1998 Taipei Taiwan International
Taiwan International Documentary Festival 1998 Taipei Taiwan International Documentary film festival.
Thai Short Film and Video Festival 1997 Bangkok Thailand Special interest Featuring short films, primarily by Thai independent filmmakers.
Thrissur International Film Festival 2006 Thrissur India International Second largest film festival in Kerala state.
Tokyo Filmex 2000 Tokyo Japan International Organized annually by Office Kitano.
Tokyo International Film Festival 1985 Tokyo Japan International
Tokyo International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 1992 Tokyo Japan International Annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film festival.
Underneath the Radar Documentary Festival 2006 Singapore Singapore Special interest Screens independent documentaries on social, economic, and environmental issues.
ViBGYOR International Short and Documentary Film Festival 2006 Thrissur India Special interest Short films and documentaries on issues and people's movements with an activist outlook.
Vietnam Film Festival 1970 different cities Vietnam National, Vietnamese
Wathann Film Fest 2011 Yangon Myanmar National First film festival in Myanmar, featuring mainly short films.
Women Make Waves 1993 Taipei Taiwan International
World Film Festival of Bangkok 2003 Bangkok Thailand International Organized by Nation Multimedia Group.
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 1989 Yamagata Japan Documentary Biennial documentary film festival.


Name Est. City Country Type Notes
Africa in Motion 2006 Edinburgh Scotland African cinema Annual film festival featuring African cinema.
Amsterdam Film eXperience 2006 Amsterdam Netherlands International New media, cross-over, animation, interaction, experimental, and installations.
Anifilm 2010 Trebon Czech Republic International Held in Trebon, dedicated to animated films.
Antalya International Film Festival 1963 Antalya Turkey International Held annually in autumn.
Baku International Film Festival East-West 1991 Baku Azerbaijan International
Baku International Tourism Film Festival 2013 Baku Azerbaijan International
Bergen International Film Festival 2000 Bergen Norway International Also called BIFF, the festival is held annually in September or October.
Berlin International Film Festival 1951 Berlin Germany International Also called the "Berlinale", the festival is held annually in February.
Brazilian Film Festival of London 2009 London England Brazilian cinema Held annually in London.
British Urban Film Festival 2005 London England Independent film Also called BUFF, the festival is held every year around September.
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 1983 Brussels Belgium Special interest Annual venue for horror, thriller, and science fiction films.
Brussels International Independent Film Festival 1974 Brussels Belgium Special interest
Cambridge Film Festival 1977 Cambridge England International Held annually, currently in September.
Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2000 Cambridge England Independent film Held annually in June.
Camerimage 1993 Bydgoszcz Poland International Dedicated to the art of cinematography, held annually in November.
Cannes Film Festival 1946 Cannes France International One of the world's oldest, most influential, and prestigious festivals, it is held annually (usually in May) at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.
CinEast 2008 Luxembourg Luxembourg International/Central and Eastern European films Focuses on recent feature films, as well as documentaries, animated works and short films.
CinemAsia Film Festival 2003 Amsterdam Netherlands Asian films and documentaries Held annually in April, features European and Dutch premieres of Asian movies (feature, documentary, animated, shorts).
Colchester Film Festival 2012 Colchester England International Held annually in October.
Cork Film Festival 1956 Cork Ireland International Held annually in November, it includes short films, features, documentaries, live soundtrack events and experimental filmmaking.
CPH:PIX 2003 Copenhagen Denmark International Held annually in April.
Croatian Minute Movie Cup 1993 Požega Croatia International
Crossing Europe 2004 Linz Austria European films Last week of April
Cyprus International Film Festival 2006 Nicosia Cyprus International
Cyprus International Short Film Festival 2008 Nicosia Cyprus International
Diagonale 1998 Graz Austria International Held annually in March.
Douro Film Harvest 2009 Douro Portugal International A decentralized film festival.
Ecologico International Film Festival 2008 Nardò Italy International Featuring independent films committed to issues of contemporary society.
Edinburgh International Film Festival 1947 Edinburgh Scotland International The longest continuously running film festival in the world, taking place annually in June.
Falstaff International Film Festival 2009 Stratford-upon-Avon England International Held annually in November, with a selected program and awards.
Fantasporto 1982 Oporto Portugal Special interest International fantasy, horror, action and science-fiction festival.
FEST 1971 Belgrade Serbia International An international film festival held annually in February or March.
Festival del Cinema all'Aperto "Accordi @ DISACCORDI" 2000 Naples Italy Regional International Annual three-month outdoor film festival
Festival du Film Merveilleux 2010 Paris France International
Festróia - Tróia International Film Festival 1985 Setúbal Portugal Special interest Held annually in June, the competition section is open to films from countries that produce fewer than 30 films per year.
filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommerm 1992 Schwerin Germany German and international Held annually in the first week of May.
Flanders International Film Festival Ghent 1974 Ghent Belgium International
Filmfest Hamburg 1992 Hamburg Germany International
Flip Animation Festival 2004 Wolverhampton England Special interest Annual independent film festival held at the Cinema "Light House".
FreeNetWorld International Film Fest 2008 Niš Serbia International Held annually.
Fresh Film Festival 2004 Karlovy Vary Czech Republic International Student film, feature, documentary, animation, experimental.
Galway African Film Festival 2008 Galway Ireland African cinema Films by African directors, covering all genres.
Giffoni Film Festival 1971 Giffoni Valle Piana Italy International One of the largest film festivals for children, held annually in July, with short films and features from around the world.
Gijón International Film Festival 1963 Gijón Spain International
Golden Apricot - Yerevan International Film Festival 2004 Yerevan Armenia International Annual festival featuring new works by Armenian directors and producers, and foreign cinematographers of Armenian descent.
Göteborg International Film Festival 1979 Gothenburg Sweden International Held annually in January to February.
Insight Film Festival 2007 Manchester England International Biennial interfaith, short-film festival focused on 'faith' as a genre and subject matter.
International Film Awards Berlin 2012 Berlin Germany International Held annually in August
International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg 1952 Mannheim, Heidelberg Germany International Held annually in November
International Film Festival Rotterdam 1972 Rotterdam Netherlands International Held annually in January or February.
International Health Film Festival 1994 Liège Belgium International Annual festival for international health and science films.
International Thessaloniki Film Festival 1992 Thessaloniki Greece International Held annually in November
IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival 2003 Balchik Bulgaria International Held annually in June
Istanbul International Film Festival 1982 Istanbul Turkey International Held annually around the end of April.
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2002 Dublin Ireland International Succeeded Dublin Film Festival, held annually in February or March.
Jewish Motifs International Film Festival 2004 Warsaw Poland International Held annually in April or May. Jewish-themed films.
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1946 Karlovy Vary Czech Republic International Organised yearly.
Kastav Film Festival 2009 Kastav Croatia International
Kaunas International Film Festival 2007 Kaunas Lithuania International Held annually in October.
Kratkofil International short film festival 2007 Banja Luka Bosnia and Herzegovina International Short film festival.
Küstendorf 2008 Drvengrad Serbia International Held annually in January, featuring short films.
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival 2002 Lausanne Switzerland International Underground movies, experimental music. Held annually in October.
Leeds International Film Festival 1986 Leeds England International
Let's All Be Free Film Festival 2013 London England International A film festival dedicated to exploring what it means to be free.
Lisbon Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 1996 Lisbon Portugal Special interest Featuring international LGBT film and video.
Locarno International Film Festival 1946 Locarno Switzerland International Held annually in August.
London Asian Film Festival 1999 London England International Held annually at the BFI or BAFTA in the spring.
London Film Festival 1956 London England International Held annually by the British Film Institute and sponsored by The Times newspaper.
London International Documentary Festival 2007 London England International Also known as LIDF. Held annually in March/April, with extra screenings all year around.
Manaki Brothers Film Festival 1979 Bitola Macedonia International Official competition for cinematographers. Held annually in September.
Message to Man 1989 Saint-Petersburg Russia International International documentary, short and animation film festival held in Russia.
Mobile Motion Film Festival 2015 Zürich Switzerland International First will be held in 2015.
Molodist 1970 Kyiv Ukraine International Competition devoted to student, first short and first full feature films from all over the world. Held annually in October.
Moscow International Film Festival 1959 Moscow Russia International First held in 1959, from 1959 to 1995 it was held every second year in July, and since 1995 has been held annually.
Motovun Film Festival 1999 Motovun Croatia Special interest Dedicated to independent film.
Mykonos Biennale 2013 Mykonos Greece International Part of the Mykonos Biennale art festival, mainly shows shorts and art videos.
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival 2000 Neuchâtel Switzerland International A Swiss festival for fantastic films, Asian cinema and future images. Held annually in July.
New Horizons International Film Festival 2001 Wrocław Poland International Held annually in the end of July.
Norwegian International Film Festival 1973 Haugesund Norway International Held annually in August.
Odense International Film Festival 1975 Odense Denmark International Short film festival held annually in August. Oldest film festival in Denmark.
Oldenburg International Film Festival 1994 Oldenburg, Lower Saxony Germany International Annual festival of independent film.
Pacific Meridian 2003 Vladivostok Russia International Annual festival featuring films from Asian Pacific Countries.
Pluk de nacht 2003 Amsterdam Netherlands International Open air film festival focusing on art house, short films and media art. Held annually in August.
Pula Film Festival 1953 Pula Croatia Regional
Raindance Film Festival 1993 London England Special interest A festival for independent films; also the founder of the British Independent Film Awards.
Reykjavík International Film Festival 2004 Reykjavík Iceland International Held annually in September, featuring current independent and alternative cinema.
San Sebastián International Film Festival 1953 San Sebastián Spain International An annual FIAPF "A" category festival.
Sarajevo Film Festival 1995 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina International Held annually in August.
SCHLINGEL International Film Festival 1996 Chemnitz Germany International Held annually in Autumn, spotlighting movies for children and young audience.
SEMINCI 1956 Valladolid Spain International Indie Held annually in October. Also known as Valladolid International Film Festival or Semana internacional de cine de Valladolid
ShortCutz Amsterdam 2013 Amsterdam Netherlands Special Interest Held annually, featuring short-films.
Sitges Film Festival 1967 Sitges Spain Genre (fantasy) Held annually in October.
Skopje Film Festival 2001 Skopje Macedonia International Held annually in Mart.
Sofia International Film Festival 1997 Sofia Bulgaria International Also known as Sofia Film Fest. Held annually in March. Competitive specialized festival for first and second feature films.
Solothurn Film Festival 1966 Solothurn Switzerland Swiss cinema Held annually in January.
Stockholm International Film Festival 1990 Stockholm Sweden International Held annually in November.
Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2005 Strasbourg France European Held annually in September.
Subversive Film Festival 2008 Zagreb Croatia International
SUPERTOON International Animation Festival 2011 Bol Croatia International
Swansea Bay Film Festival 2006 Swansea Wales International Held annually in May/June. Featuring international independent and experimental films.
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 1997 Tallinn Estonia International Held annually in the end of November. Known also as PÖFF.
Taormina Film Fest 1955 Taormina Italy International Held annually in June, featuring Italian, Mediterranean and international cinema.
Three Continents Festival 1979 Nantes France Special interest Annual festival devoted to the cinemas of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Transilvania International Film Festival 2001 Cluj-Napoca Romania International Held annually in June.
Tuzla Film Festival 2012 Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina International Featuring south Slavic cinematography. Held annually in September.
Venice Film Festival 1932 Venice Italy International The world's oldest film festival, it is held annually in late August or early September on the island of Lido.
Vienna Independent Shorts 2004 Vienna Austria Special interest Short film festival held annually in May.
Viennale 1960 Vienna Austria International Held annually in October.
Vilnius International Film Festival 1995 Vilnius Lithuania International Held annually in March.
Warsaw International Film Festival 1985 Warsaw Poland International An FIAPF category "A" film festival held annually in the Polish capital every October.
ZagrebDox 2005 Zagreb Croatia Special interest International documentary film festival.
Zagreb Film Festival 2003 Zagreb Croatia International
Zagreb Jewish Film Festival 2007 Zagreb Croatia International
Zero Film Festival 2007 London England Self-financed cinema Held annually in London.
Zürich Film Festival 2005 Zürich Switzerland International International film festival.
Children KinoFest 2014 Kyiv Ukraine International One of the largest Ukrainian film festivals for children, held annually in the end of May, with short films and features from around the world.

North America

Name Est. City State/Province Type Notes
$100 Film Festival 1992 Calgary Alberta International Annual festival dedicated to screening short films on Super 8mm and 16mm film.
100 Words Film Festival 2014 Charlotte North Carolina International Celebrating concise storytelling, each film must contain exactly 100 spoken words. Held annually in November.
168 Film Festival 2003 Los Angeles California International International speed filmmaking competition and festival. Held annually in April.
Action On Film International Film Festival 2005 Pasadena California International Held annually in July, featuring independent and studio films.
American Movie Awards 1980 Las Vegas Nevada International Awards held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada.
American Black Film Festival 1996 Miami Florida International Held annually in various states, featuring African American throughout the film industry.
Ann Arbor Film Festival 1961 Ann Arbor Michigan International Longest-running film festival showcasing experimental and independent film in North America. Held annually in late March.
Arlington International Film Festival 2010 Arlington Massachusetts International Focuses on multicultural awareness and the artistic and educational value of films from all around the world. Held annually in October.
Ashland Independent Film Festival 2001 Ashland Oregon International Presents international and domestic shorts and features. Held annually in April.
Asian World Film Festival 2015 Los Angeles California International Held annually in October–November.
Atlanta Film Festival 1977 Atlanta Georgia International Held annually in April, featuring independent films of every genre.
Austin Film Festival 1994 Austin Texas National accepting international film entries Showcasing screenwriters in North America. Held annually in October.
Bel Air Film Festival 2008 Los Angeles California International An international festival held annually in November.
BendFilm Festival 2004 Bend Oregon Independent Held annually in October. It focuses on independent films. The BendFilm festival also includes filmmaking lectures and events.
Berlin & Beyond Film Festival 1996 San Francisco California Special Interest New films from Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival 2000 Big Bear Lake California International Showcasing Independent filmmakers from around the world, and includes a screenwriting competition. Held each September.
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2003 Missoula Montana International/Non-Fiction Featuring non-fiction films, held each February.
Boston Film Festival 1984 Boston Massachusetts International Annually showcasing feature films, documentaries and shorts in September.
The Boston Jewish Film Festival 1989 Boston Massachusetts Jewish A non-competitive annual festival that screens contemporary films on Jewish themes from around the world. Held in November.
Boston Palestine Film Festival 2007 Boston Massachusetts International
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 1976 Boston Massachusetts Special Interest A 10-day annual festival held every February, showcasing feature and short science fiction films.
Boston Underground Film Festival 1998 Boston Massachusetts International An annual festival that specializes in alternative film and video.
Boulder International Film Festival 2004 Boulder Colorado International Held annually over the Presidents' Day weekend in February.
Buffalo International Film Festival 2004 Buffalo New York International 4 day festival held annually in the Fall (usually October) featuring mainstream and independent films.
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2007 Buffalo New York International 3 day festival held annually in the spring.
Burbank International Film Festival 2009 Burbank California International
Calgary International Film Festival 2000 Calgary Alberta International Held annually for 10 days in late September or early October.
Calgary Underground Film Festival 2003 Calgary Alberta International Held annually for 7 days in April.
California Film Awards 2010 San Diego California International Features new and cutting-edge American and foreign independent films in several competition categories.
Camden International Film Festival 2005 Camden Maine Documentary
The Camp Cult Classics Film Festival 2014 Los Angeles California International Featuring campy classic films and cult films.
Canada International Film Festival 2007 Vancouver Canada International Annual international film festival.
Cape Cod International Film Festival 2014 Chatham Massachusetts International Annual high-curation-standard global boutique festival, early-mid October.
Castle Rock Film Festival 2009 Castle Rock Colorado Rocky Mountain Regional states Held annually in late September or early October.
Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival 2001 Cedar Rapids Iowa Regional/international Held annually the first full non-Easter weekend in April.
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 1994 Toronto Ontario International
Chicago International Children's Film Festival 1983 Chicago Illinois International First competitive festival of films for children in the US. Held annually in late October for 10 days.
Chicago International Film Festival 1965 Chicago Illinois International
Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival 2003 Chicago Illinois International Annual short film festival.
Chicago Palestine Film Festival 2002 Chicago Illinois International
Cincinnati Film Festival 2010 Cincinnati Ohio International
Cine Las Americas International Film Festival 1997 Austin Texas International Held annually in the spring showcasing Latin American, Latino and indigenous films.
Cinequest Film Festival 1990 San Jose California International The 13-day festival focuses on narrative films and includes shorts and student film programs.
CinErotic FilmFest 2010 Atlanta Georgia International Featuring sex-positive, erotic cinema and performance by amateurs and independent artists.
City University Film Festival 2009 New York City New York Regional, special interest Official festival of CUNY featuring films by student filmmakers.
Cleveland International Film Festival 1977 Cleveland Ohio International
COLCOA 1997 Los Angeles California International A week of French film premieres in Hollywood - in April.
Columbus International Film & Video Festival 1953 Columbus Ohio International North America's oldest film festival, held annually in November. As a competition festival, it is also known as The Chris Awards.
Crested Butte Film Festival 2011 Crested Butte Colorado International Held annually in September and the ACT Now award.
DALLAS International Film Festival 2006 Dallas Texas International
Dances With Films 1998 Los Angeles California International The festival of unknowns (i.e. no celebrities).
DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival 2011 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. International
DC Shorts Film Festival 2003 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. International The largest short film event on the East Coast of the US.
Denver Film Festival 1978 Denver Colorado International Held annually in November.
Denver Underground Film Festival 1997 Denver Colorado International Showcasing independent filmmakers and avant-garde cinema since 1997. Held in October.
Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 2008 Detroit Michigan International Held annually in June; hosts the annual DWIFF Challenge.
Disposable Film Festival 2007 San Francisco California International Held annually in January.
Dominican International Film Festival 2004 Puerto Plata Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) International Held Annually in December for Spanish and Latin Independent Films.
DOXA Documentary Film Festival 1998 Vancouver British Columbia International Documentary film festival held annually for ten days in May.
Edmonton International Film Festival 1986 Edmonton Alberta International
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital 1993 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Special interest, international The largest and longest running environmental film festival in the United States.
Etheria Film Night 2014 Los Angeles California International Features fantasy, horror, science fiction, thriller, and action short films directed by women.
Fairhope Film Festival 2013 Fairhope Alabama International Held the second weekend of each November.
Fantasia Festival 1996 Montreal Quebec Special interest Devoted to fantasy, horror, martial arts, and science fiction genres.
Fantastic Fest 2005 Austin Texas International, genre
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 1971 Montreal Quebec International An annual independent film festival featuring independent films from around the world.
Festivus film festival 2006 Denver Colorado National
Florida Film Festival 1992 Maitland Florida International An annual international film festival.
Frameline Film Festival 1976 San Francisco California Special interest, international The longest-running LGBT film festival in the world.
French Film Festival - Richmond, Virginia 1993 Richmond Virginia French Held the last week-end of March, featuring world and American premieres of French-language features and shorts.
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 1998 Durham North Carolina International An annual international event dedicated to non-fiction cinema.
GI Film Festival 2005 Washington District of Columbia International Held each May, the only film festival in the nation to focus on preserving the stories of American veterans.
Gotham Screen Film Festival & Screenplay Contest 2007 New York City New York International Featuring new American and international cinema, with a competitive screenplay contest.
Green Mountain Film Festival 1997 Montpelier Vermont International Featuring local, domestic and international films (features, documentaries, shorts, animation).
Guadalajara International Film Festival 1988 Guadalajara Mexico International A week-long film festival held each March.
Guanajuato International Film Festival 1997 San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato Mexico International Held annually in July.
Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival 1999 Seabrook Texas International Featuring new and emerging artists.
Hamptons International Film Festival 1993 East Hampton New York International
Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) 1981 Honolulu Hawaii International Held annually in the fall for two weeks, it shows features, documentaries and shorts from Asia the Pacific, and Hawai`i.
Heartland Film Festival 1991 Indianapolis Indiana International Held annually, featuring independent films.
High Falls Film Festival 2001 Rochester New York International Featuring films by women filmmakers.
Highway 61 Film Festival 2011 Pine City Minnesota National Held annually in mid-October, featuring filmmakers in East Central Minnesota and other mid-western American cities.
Hollywood East Film Festival 2008 Brookfield Connecticut International Featuring independent film makers from the northeast and New England.
Hollywood Film Festival 1997 Los Angeles California International Annual film festival.
Honolulu Film Awards 2007 Honolulu Hawaii International International film festival.
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 1993 Toronto Ontario International North America's largest documentary film festival.
Independent Film Festival of Boston 2003 Boston Massachusetts International Independent films. Also known as IFFBoston or IFFB. Held annually in April.
Indianapolis International Film Festival 2004 Indianapolis Indiana International
Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2003 Los Angeles California International
Inside Out Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival 1991 Toronto Ontario International Featuring LGBT films, held over 11 days in May.
Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia 1996 Philadelphia Pennsylvania International Israeli films. Held annually in February–March.
Ivy Film Festival 2001 Providence Rhode Island Student
Jacksonville Film Festival 2003 Jacksonville Florida International Held annually for 4 days in mid-May.
KahBang Film Festival 2009 Bangor Maine International Held annually August, a four-day music, art, and film festival.
L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2007 Los Angeles California International Held annually in the spring. Largest comedy short film festival in the United States.
Little Rock Film Festival 2006 Little Rock Arkansas International Featuring regional, national and international filmmakers. Held annually in early June.
Long Beach International Film Festival 2012 Long Beach New York International Held annually in late September, featuring independent, studio films, and films on the beach.
Los Angeles Film Festival 1995 Los Angeles California International Held annually in June. Showcases independent, feature, documentary and short films, as well as music videos.
Louisiana Film Prize 2012 Shreveport Louisiana International A narrative short film contest.
Love Your Shorts Film Festival 2011 Sanford Florida International Held around Valentine's Day. Features only short films under 30 minutes in length.
Macabre Faire Film Festival 2012 Long Island New York International Held twice a year for independent films of the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.
Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival 2009 Seattle Washington Special interest Devoted to action, animation, fantasy, horror, and science fiction cinema.
Magnolia Independent Film Festival 1997 Starkville Mississippi International and regional Held annually in February for one weekend, featuring short and experimental films.
Marda Loop Justice Film Festival 2006 Calgary Alberta International Featuring films dealing with human rights, environmental, and social issues.
Marfa Film Festival 2008 Marfa Texas International Annual film festival.
Margaret Mead Film Festival 1976 New York City New York International The longest-running festival for international documentaries in the US.
Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival 2006 Vineyard Haven Massachusetts International Held annually in September, featuring world cinema feature and short films.
Martha's Vineyard Film Festival 2001 Chilmark Massachusetts International Held annually in March, featuring action/activism-inspiring films.
Maryland Film Festival 1999 Baltimore Maryland International Held annually for 4 days each May.
Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival 2004 Mexico City Mexico City International Also known as FICCO, it is hosted by Cinemex.
Miami International Film Festival 1983 Miami Florida International Held annually for 10 days in March.
Miami Short Film Festival 2002 Miami Florida International Held annually for 10 days in mid November.
Midwest Ski Film Festival 2008 Milwaukee Wisconsin Regional Takes place each October.
Mile High Horror Film Festival 2010 Denver Colorado International

Featuring independent horror, thriller, and sci-fi films from around the world. It takes place annually each October.

Mill Valley Film Festival 1978 Mill Valley California International Takes place each October, hosted by California Film Institute.
Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival 1983 Minneapolis - St. Paul Minnesota International Held annually in the spring.
Mods & Rockers Film Festival 1999 Los Angeles California Special interest Featuring rock music culture films.
Montclair Film Festival 2012 Montclair New Jersey International An annual, community-based film festival featuring international filmmakers.
Montreal World Film Festival 1977 Montreal Quebec International Largest North American competitive festival. Held late August to Labor Day. Focuses on films from around the world.
Monument Valley Film Festival 2007 Kayenta Arizona International Held annually in the summer, it is the only film festival on the Navajo Nation.
Moondance International Film Festival 2000 Boulder Colorado International An independent annual film festival and awards competition that takes place in the fall.
Mountainfilm in Telluride 1979 Telluride Colorado Independent The oldest film festival celebrating the genre of mountain film in the US.
Nantucket Film Festival 1996 Nantucket Massachusetts International Held annually in June. Has both film and screenplay competitions.
Naperville Independent Film Festival 2008 Naperville Illinois International Annual film festival featuring the work of independent filmmakers.
Nashville Film Festival 1969 Nashville Tennessee International Founded in 1969 as the Sinking Creek Film Celebration. Features feature-length and short films from around the world.
National Film Festival for Talented Youth - NFFTY 2007 Seattle Washington International Showcases work by international filmmakers age 24 and under.
Native American Film and Video Festival 1979 New York City New York Indigenous Cinema Bi-annual film festival featuring indigenous works from throughout the Americas.
Nevada International Film Festival 2009 Las Vegas Nevada Independent Annual film festival, featuring American and International cinema.
New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema 2010 Providence Rhode Island Latin American Annual competitive film festival featuring Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American films.
New Orleans Film Festival 1989 New Orleans Louisiana International Annual film festival, featuring international feature films and short films.
Newport Beach Film Festival 1999 Newport Beach California International Founded in 1999, featuring studio and independent films.
New York Asian Film Festival 2002 New York City New York Special interest Features Asian cinema, especially horror, action, and martial arts genres.
New York Film Festival 1962 New York City New York International One of North America's oldest film festivals.
New York International Children's Film Festival 1997 New York City New York International Features short films and features from around the world.
New York Polish Film Festival 2005 New York City New York Special interest Dedicated to the cinema of Poland.
Northeast Film Festival 2013 Teaneck New Jersey International Competition in features, shorts, documentaries and student films. Held annually in September.
Northwest Filmmakers' Festival 1973 Portland Oregon Independent Competition in features, shorts, and documentaries made by filmmakers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia. Held annually in November.
Orlando Film Festival 2006 Orlando Florida International Held annually in October/November.
Oaxaca Film Fest 2010 Oaxaca Mexico International Held annually in November.
Palm Springs International Film Festival 1989 Palm Springs California International
Pan African Film Festival 1992 Los Angeles California The largest black film festival in the United States.
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2008 Philadelphia Pennsylvania Special interest
Philadelphia Film Festival 1991 Philadelphia Pennsylvania International
Philadelphia QFest 1995 Philadelphia Pennsylvania International Originally the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
Project Twenty1 Film Festival 2006 Philadelphia Pennsylvania International Includes the 21-Day Filmmaking Competition and the Philadelphia Filmathon.
Provincetown International Film Festival 1999 Provincetown Massachusetts International Held annually in June. American and international narrative features, documentaries and short films.
Québec City Film Festival (QCFF) 2011 Quebec City Quebec International Held annually in September, screens short and featured films in the Old Québec.
Red Rock Film Festival 2004 Zion Canyon, St. George, Springdale, Ivins Utah International Held annually by the majestic red mountains of Zion National Park in November, Red Rock's mission is to show films that portray the human race in a positive light.
Reel Rock Film Tour 2006 Boulder Colorado International Held annually, Reel Rock brings the best climbing and adventure films of the year to live audiences throughout the world.
Reel Shorts Film Festival 2007 Grande Prairie Alberta International Festival of short films held annually for 5 days in early May "REELING:
ReelWorld Film Festival 2001 Toronto Ontario International Screens films and music videos by filmmakers from racially diverse communities.
Rhode Island International Film Festival 1997 Providence Rhode Island International Held annually for 6 days during the second week of August
RiverRun International Film Festival 1998 Winston-Salem North Carolina International Held annually each Spring, devoted to the role of cinema as a conduit of powerful ideas and diverse viewpoints.
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival 1987 Colorado Springs Colorado International Held annually in early November showcasing films made by women.
Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival 1997 Champaign Illinois Special interest Founded by the film critic.
The Rome International Film Festival 2003 Rome Georgia International
Rooftop Films 1997 New York City New York International A summer-long outdoor festival that screens new independent films on rooftops and other outdoor spots.
Sacramento Film and Music Festival 2000 Sacramento California International Juried, all genre, includes student section, 10 days, late July.
San Antonio Film Festival 1994 San Antonio Texas International Held annually in the month of June. Awards
San Diego Black Film Festival 2002 San Diego California International
San Diego Film Festival 2001 San Diego, La Jolla California International Held in September, a five-day independent film festival.
San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2006 San Francisco California Special interest, independent
San Francisco Green Film Festival 2011 San Francisco California Special interest, international Dedicated to environmental films.
San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 1982 San Francisco California Special interest, international Dedicated to Asian and Asian American films.
San Francisco International Film Festival 1957 San Francisco California International
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 1980 San Francisco California Special interest, international
Santa Barbara International Film Festival 1985 Santa Barbara California International
Santa Fe Film Festival 1999 Santa Fe New Mexico International Highlighting New Mexican film, new American and foreign films.
Sarasota Film Festival 1999 Sarasota Florida International
Science Fiction Fantasy Short Film Festival 2006 Seattle Washington Special interest Devoted to action, animation, fantasy, and science fiction cinema.
Seattle International Film Festival 1976 Seattle Washington International
Sedona Film Festival 1994 Sedona Arizona International
Slamdance Film Festival 1995 Park City Utah International Focused on emerging filmmakers and low-budget independent films.
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 1999 Birmingham Alabama International Held annually the last weekend in August.
Sonoma Valley Film Festival 1996 Sonoma California International
South by Southwest 1987 Austin Texas Special interest A set of film, interactive, and music festivals.
Southern Utah International Documentary Film Festival (DOCUTAH) 2009 St. George Utah International Held annually for one week in September.
Springfield and the Ozarks 48-Hour Film Festival 2006 Springfield Missouri Special interest Create a short film entirely from scratch over the course of 48 hours.
Sundance Film Festival 1978 Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Sundance Utah International Held annually in January, Sundance is the largest independent film festival in the United States.
Tallgrass Film Festival 2003 Wichita Kansas International This four-day festival, held in October, screens independent short and feature films.
Telluride Film Festival 1974 Telluride Colorado International Held annually over Labor Day Weekend.
Three Rivers Film Festival 1982 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania International Emphasizing independent film.
Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2006 Toronto Ontario Special interest Annual festival of horror, sci-fi, action, and cult cinema.
Toronto International Film Festival 1976 Toronto Ontario International One of the most prestigious festivals, it is held annually in September.
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 1997 Toronto Ontario Special Interest Featuring Asian films.
Toronto Student Film Festival 2005 Toronto Ontario International Screens films made by students from 12–18 years old.
Traverse City Film Festival 2005 Traverse City Michigan International
Tribeca Film Festival 2002 New York City New York International Founded by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro.
True/False Film Festival 2004 Columbia Missouri Documentary Documentary film festival.
Vancouver Asian Film Festival 1995 Vancouver British Columbia International Asian film festival. Held annually for 4–5 days in November.
Vancouver International Film Festival 1982 Vancouver British Columbia International Held annually for two weeks in late September and early October.
Vancouver Queer Film Festival 1988 Vancouver British Columbia International LGBT film festival. Held annually for eleven days in late August.
Ventura film festival 2004 Ventura California International
Vietnamese International Film Festival 2003 Los Angeles California Vietnamese Biennial film festival for Vietnamese filmmakers.
Virginia Film Festival 1987 Charlottesville Virginia International Hosted by the University of Virginia.
Waterfront Film Festival 1999 Saugatuck Michigan International An independent film festival, held annually in early June.
Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema 2001 Waterloo Ontario International Screens feature animation. Held annually in November.
Whistler Film Festival 2001 Whistler British Columbia International
Wisconsin Film Festival 1999 Madison Wisconsin International Screens independent and international documentary, narrative, experimental, student and animated films.
Woodstock Film Festival 1999 Woodstock New York International Features independent films.
World Music & Independent Film Festival 2009 Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. International Screens independent and international music videos and independent films
Yorkton Film Festival 1950 Yorkton Saskatchewan Independent Features Canadian films and filmmakers.
The YoungCuts Film Festival 2005 Montreal Canada International Focuses on young filmmakers.
Young People's Film Festival 1976 Portland Oregon Youth, regional Features works of filmmakers grades K-12 living in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
Zero Film Festival 2007 New York, Los Angeles, Miami Beach New York, California, Florida Self-financed cinema First and only festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers.


Name Est. City Country Type Notes
Adelaide Film Festival 2002 Adelaide Australia International A biennial, non-competitive film festival held over two weeks in late February.
Brisbane International Film Festival 1992 Brisbane Australia International Focuses on films from the Pacific Rim.
Byron Bay Film Festival 2006 Byron Bay Australia International
Canberra International Film Festival 1996 Canberra Australia International Held annually in October.
Documentary Edge Festival 2005 Auckland, Wellington New Zealand New Zealand International Held annually from April to June, featuring documentary films from New Zealand and around the world.
Dungog Film Festival 2007 Dungog Australia Australian Features new and classic Australian films.
Mardi Gras Film Festival 1978 Sydney Australia International Held annually in February–March
Melbourne International Film Festival 1951 National Australia International Held annually in July or August.
New Zealand International Film Festivals 1970 Major cities nationwide New Zealand International Held in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch, the traveling festival offers a smaller program in 10 other cities.
A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2006 Sydney Australia International Featuring horror films.
Show Me Shorts 2006 National New Zealand New Zealand International Annual short film festival.
Sydney Film Festival 1954 Sydney Australia International Held annually for two weeks in June.
Tropfest 1993 Sydney Australia International Annual short film festival.

South America and the Caribbean

Name Est. City Country Type Notes
Anima Mundi 1992 Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo Brazil Regional, special interest Competitive Brazilian video and film festival devoted exclusively to animation.
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 1999 Buenos Aires Argentina International Held annually in April.
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre 2000 Buenos Aires Argentina International Devoted to fantasy, horror, bizarre and science fiction genres.
CayFilm Cayman Islands International Film Festival 2013 George Town Cayman Islands International
Cartagena Film Festival 1960 Cartagena Colombia Regional Showcases Ibero-American feature films, shorts, and videos, as well as a national television competition.
Córdoba International Animation Festival - ANIMA 2001 Córdoba Argentina International, special interest It is held biennially, on odd years, during September.
Dominican International Film Festival 2004 Puerto Plata Dominican Republic Regional Held annually in December for independent films of Latin America and the Iberian peninsula.
Festival de Cine de Bogotá 1984 Bogotá Colombia International Held annually in October.
Gramado Brazilian and Latin American Film Festival 1973 Gramado Brazil Latin American Held annually in August. Its awards are named the Kikitos.
Havana Film Festival 1979 Havana Cuba Regional Held annually, with a principal focus on Latin American film.
Mar del Plata Film Festival 1954 Mar del Plata Argentina International Held annually in March.
Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest 2007 San Juan Puerto Rico International Held annually in October, with parallel events ranging from a fashion show to a zombie walk.
Recife Cinema Festival 1997 Recife Brazil Brazilian Competitive Brazilian film and audiovisual. Its awards are named Calunga. Held annually in April/May.
Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival 1998 Rio de Janeiro Brazil International Held annually in October.
São Paulo International Film Festival 1976 São Paulo Brazil International
Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2006 Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago International Held annually in the second half of September, featuring films from the Caribbean and world cinema.
Valdivia International Film Festival 1993 Valdivia Chile International

Traveling and online festivals

Name Est. Type Details
48 Hour Film Project 2001 Special interest Filmmakers are given 48 hours to create a film from assigned film elements.
48 Go Green 2009 International, online Filmmakers are given 48 hours to create an ecological themed film.
Campus MovieFest 2001 Special interest The world's largest student film festival, held annually at over 30 universities.
CON-CAN Movie Festival 2005 International (awards ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan) An audience-interactive online international short movie festival.
Dawn Breakers International Film Festival 2007 International Features Baha'i-inspired films.
Filminute 2006 International Features one-minute films from around the world.
International Random Film Festival 2009 International Celebrates randomness in cinema. Films, sites, and awards are selected randomly.
Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation 1977 Special interest Animated shorts, tours over 50 cities in the US and Canada annually.
Women's Voices Now Online Film Festival 2010 International, online Features films about women from around the world with an online film festival and screening packages for social action.
Zero Film Festival 2008 Special interest An independent film festival exclusive to self-financed filmmakers.

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