Lemon Hanazawa ( Japanese : 華沢レモン , Hepburn : Hanazawa Lemon ) , a.k.a. Remon Hanazawa , is a Japanese pink film actress who has also performed in adult videos (AV). She has appeared in award-winning pink films such as Lunch Box (2004) and Molester's Train: Sensitive Fingers (2007). She was named "Best New Actress" for her work in this genre in 2004, and "Best Actress" second place in 2005 at the Pink Grand Prix . [3] [4] The Kansai region Pinky Ribbon Awards chose Hanazawa for Best Supporting Actress in 2005, and Outstanding Performance by an Actress in 2007. [5]


Hanazawa began working in adult videos at least as early as December 2003 when she took part in the "train molester" video Chikan deruta haji tai ( 痴漢デルタ恥帯 ) for the Starboard ( スターボード ) studio. [6] In May 2004, she appeared with Sakura Sakurada in the lesbian-themed Female-Littered Lesbian Neruton ( 女だらけのレズねるとん ) for the Moodyz studio [7] and has also performed in a number of other adult videos for various studios. [8]

Hanazawa made her pink film debut in Shinji Imaoka 's Lunch Box (March 2004), which was selected as Best Film at the 2004 Pink Grand Prix . [11] In the film, Hanazawa plays the role of one of star Yumika Hayashi 's co-workers and sexual rivals. Her performance in this film earned her a "Best New Actress" award at the 2004 Pink Grand Prix , beating popular AV idol Sora Aoi , who had also made her pink film debut that year. [11] During 2004 Hanazawa performed in 20 of these theatrical pink film releases. [11] Her performance in Akira Katō's Teacher with Beautiful Skin: Big Tit Vibe-Torture (2005), earned her the Best Actress, 2nd place award at the 2005 Pink Grand Prix ceremony. [4]

In his book Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema , Jasper Sharp uses one of Hanazawa's scenes in Yutaka Ikejima 's Family Gets Rude Chapter 1: Perverts' Fun (2004) to illustrate the creative means pink film directors employ to suggest more than is legally possible in Japanese softcore pornography. Hanazawa masturbates in a scene that Sharp characterizes as "pretty lewd", yet she is seen only in soft focus in the background. The foreground focus of the camera is a bouquet of flowers, behind which the masturbating Hanazawa moans, "Look at my flower!" [2]

Besides Imaoka and Ikejima, other major pink film directors in whose films Hanazawa has appeared include Toshiki Satō ( Tokyo Booty Nights , 2004), Tetsuya Takehora ( Peep Show , 2004), Yumi Yoshiyuki , Sachi Hamano , and Yoshikazu Katō . Katō's Molester's Train: Sensitive Fingers (2007) gave Hanazawa a second appearance in a Pink Grand Prix Best Film-winner. [2] The film was also given the Gold Prize at the Pinky Ribbon Awards . [5]

Hanazawa also appeared with Kyōko Kazama , Akiho Yoshizawa and Mihiro in the Edo period historical costume drama, The Inner Palace: Indecent War , in July 2006. A sequel The Inner Palace: Flower of War came out in August of the same year. The two videos were released by AV studio Max-A in hardcore versions under their DoraMax label and also shorter softcore R-15 rated versions for the Pure Max label. [2] [2] [2]

In February 2008, Hanazawa had a supporting role in the mainstream horror film Rika: The Zombie Killer starring Risa Kudō . [2] The movie, described by one reviewer as an "outrageously silly film", [2] was released on DVD with English subtitles in September 2009. [2] Hanazawa was one of several colleagues and friends who appeared in Korean-Japanese director Tetsuaki Matsue's 2009 documentary on Yumika Hayashi , Annyeong Yumika ( あんにょん由美香 , An nyon Yumika ) .

Partial filmography

Title [2] Release date Director Studio Notes
Lunch Box a.k.a. Mature Woman: Rutting Ball-Play
熟女・発情 タマしゃぶり
Jukujo: hatsujo tamashaburi
2004-03-09 Shinji Imaoka Kokuei / Shintōhō Eiga / V-Theater 135 Best Film, Pink Grand Prix
Family Gets Rude Chapter 1: Perverts' Fun
淫乱なる一族 第一章 痴人たちの戯れ
Inran naru ichizoku: dai-isshō - chijin-tachi no tawamure
2004-04-23 Yutaka Ikejima Cement Match / Shintōhō Eiga 63 min.
Woman of the House: Going to the Class Reunion
a.k.a. Tokyo Booty Nights
Danchi no okusan, dōsōkai ni iku
2004-06-08 Toshiki Satō Kokuei / Shintōhō Eiga / V-Theater 135 63 min.
With Yumeka Sasaki, Yōta Kawase, Takeshi Itō, Mitsuru Meike , Kyōko Kazama , and Shirō Shimomoto
Family Gets Rude Chapter 2: Unequalled Limits
淫乱なる一族 第二章 絶倫の果てに
Inran naru ichizoku: dai-nishō - zetsurin no hate ni
2004-06-25 Yutaka Ikejima Cement Match / Shintōhō Eiga 60 min.
Peep Show
a.k.a. Married Wife's Secret: Peeping and Peeped At
人妻の秘密 覗き覗かれ
Hitozuma no himitsu: nozoki nozokare
2004-09-06 Tetsuya Takehora Ogawa Planning / OP Eiga 60 min.
Tetsuya Takehora's directorial debut
With Kyōko Kazama
Wife Taxi: Crowded with Big Tits
人妻タクシー 巨乳に乗り込め
Hitozuma Takushii: Kyonyū ni Norikomu
2004-09-29 Yutaka Ikejima Cement Match
OP Eiga
Honorable Mention, Pink Grand Prix
The Slit-Mouthed Woman
官能病棟 濡れた赤い唇<kuchisake 口裂け>
Kannō byōtō: nureta akai kuchibiru: kuchisake
2005-01-28 Yukihisa Higuchi
Takaaki Hashiguchi
Shintōhō Eiga 63 min.
With Minami Aoyama , Kyōko Kazama and Hotaru Hazuki
Teacher with Beautiful Skin: Big Tit Vibe-Torture [2]
美肌教師 巨乳バイブ責め
Bihada kyōshi: kyonyū baibu zeme
2005-11-11 Yoshikazu Katō 加藤映像工房 / OP Eiga 61 min.
Hanazawa won Best Actress, Silver Prize, Pink Grand Prix
Best New Actress, 4th Place, Pink Grand Prix: Aki Yafuji [4]
Chikan Densha: Suggestive Indecent Hips
痴漢電車 挑発する淫ら尻
Chikan Densha: Chohatsusuru Midara Shiri
2005-11-29 Naoyuki Tomomatsu Shintōhō Eiga Pink Grand Prix : Best Film, Bronze Prize
Japonica Virus
2006-09-30 Yu Irie Biotide Sci-fi drama
94 min.
Molester's Train: Sensitive Fingers
a.k.a. Hiroko and Hiroshi
痴漢電車 びんかん指先案内人
Chikan densha: binkan yubi saki annai nin
2007-08-10 Yoshikazu Katō OP Eiga Best Film, Pink Grand Prix
Gold Prize, Pinky Ribbon Awards
Best Friend's Wife: The Black Panties of a Secret Rendezvous
親友の妻 密会の黒下着
Shinyū no Tsuma: Mikkai no Kuroshitagi
2007-08-01 Yutaka Ikejima Cement Match
OP Eiga
6th Best Film, Pink Grand Prix
With Maki Tomoda and Riri Kōda
Rika: The Zombie Killer a.k.a. Zombie Hunter Rika
最強兵器女子高生 RIKA
Saikyō heiki joshikōsei: Rika
2008-02-18 Ken'ichi Fujiwara GP Museum Zombie horror
86 min.
Annyeong Yumika
An nyon Yumika
2009-07-11 Tetsuaki Matsue Spotted Productions Documentary on Yumika Hayashi
119 min.